Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Rural Development: Broadband Scheme


This scheme provides grants to groups of communities living in rural Scotland to support the introduction of superfast broadband services in their area.

The scheme is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 and is administered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise on behalf of the Scottish Government’s Rural Payments and Inspections Division.

The guidance notes outlined on these pages provide information on the scheme. Our guidance cannot cover all of the individual circumstances or all possible variations of broadband operations. They should not be looked upon, therefore, as providing complete guidance. We would advise that you seek further advice from the Community Broadband Scotland team at Highlands and Islands Enterprise if there is any uncertainty about potential applications.

You can download a pdf version of our guidance or read through this website section for more information.

Overview of the scheme

The aim of the scheme is to financially help communities across rural Scotland to co-ordinate demand for broadband access by joining together with other community groups to deliver a superfast broadband solution for their area.

The scheme will:

  • Support communities to establish and grow the demand for superfast broadband services in areas that are unlikely to be served by the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband Programme
  • Support community projects that create, improve and extend superfast broadband infrastructure in remote and rural Scotland

This scheme is open to rural communities in Scotland and is administered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) through the Community Broadband Scotland (CBS) programme. 

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