Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Conditions of grant

If your project is successful and the funding approved exceeds €500,000 you must erect a permanent sign.

The detail must include:

  • a description of the project
  • the European Union flag, to standards detailed in European Union regulations. (see a related information document based on EU structural funds)
  • the statement: “The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in the Rural Areas” – this shall take up at least 25 per cent of the billboard

Grant control period

The grant control period is seven years from the date your project is complete and in use.

Continued use

All items purchased or constructed with the assistance of a grant must remain in use for the purpose for which the grant was approved, which is normally seven years (or for their useful life if this is less than seven years and correct and regular maintenance is carried out).

Retention of assets

If you dispose of assets that have been the subject of a grant within seven years of receipt of that grant, we would normally expect you to repay the whole amount of the grant with interest.  However, if the asset was to remain in use for the purpose set out in the grant, this recovery could be waived in whole or in part.  Please contact your Community Broadband Scotland officer to discuss beforehand.


The responsibility for the design, execution of the works, post installation and any liability arising from this lies solely with you.

We advise that you or your contractor are insured against all risk of injury, damage or loss arising, from whatever cause, in the course of the work.

Any additional expense that may be incurred because of the failure to insure or inadequate insurance will not be covered by the grant.

Provision of accurate information

You are responsible for ensuring that all information provided in support of an application or claim is accurate in all respects. Failure to do so may result in the refusal of payment and/or recovery of any grant already paid plus interest.

Allow authorised persons access to land or premises.

You are required to allow an authorised person, at reasonable hours and producing authorisation, access to inspect land and premises relating to an application or claim.


Additional conditions of grant maybe required by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. These will be detailed in the award letter (e.g. requirement to supply documentation for statutory consents, evidence of match funding etc.).


It may be possible to vary your approved project prior to, or during, its implementation. This may be necessary because of changed business circumstances, delays or other factors.

However, it is important that you seek prior approval before you implement them as it may have an impact on your eligibility to receive support.  It is also possible that Highlands and Islands Enterprise or Scottish Government may require grant already paid to be returned plus interest.

If you wish to change a cost, this must be supported by the same details required as the initial application.

You must obtain prior approval if you wish to increase the costs of an approved item.  For example due to the cost increasing as a result of market conditions. However the overall approved amount of the grant cannot be increased.

Therefore, you will need to identify savings elsewhere to allow these increased costs to be considered.

A Variation must also be requested where you are unable to submit claims as agreed (date and/or amount) in your approval letter.

Variation will be dependent on various factors, including fit with available budget, and should be requested, where possible, before claims are overdue.

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