Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Completing an application

Part 1 – your details

  • Question 1.1 – your project – you should provide an appropriate and clear name for your project.  Ideally it will include a geographic link to your project.
  • Question 1.2 – your organisation – you should provide details of your community organisation and also have a single, named contact able to lead on your application with whom we can correspond. This will help us to deal quickly with queries we may have during the project assessment, activity and grant claiming process.

Part 2 - details of your proposed project

  • Question 2.1 – what will your project deliver? – you should provide details of your proposed project. This can be a brief summary of your business plan.
  • Question 2.2 – why is your project needed? – you should provide details of why your project is needed and justification for your grant application.
  • Question 2.3 – how will you deliver it? – Please provide details of how you will deliver this project, e.g. supplier strategy.
  • Question 2.4 – scope of community project – you should provide details on the location of your project along with postcodes relating to premises in your project.
  • Question 2.5 – community engagement –you should provide details on your demand registration and community engagement process summarising how you have engaged with local residents and businesses to establish the level of support for the project.
  • Question 2.6 – strategic fit – you should provide details of how your community will benefit economically and socially from this project.
  • Question 2.7 – summary project outputs 

    We need to know the number of premises that could be connected up to your project (premises passed) and how many premises you expect will take up the services (premises connected).

    This information should be broken down by:

    - households (purely domestic premises, where no work is undertaken)

    - businesses (any place of business for profit or not for profit, including farms, hotels,
      households used as places of work, social enterprises)

    - other premises that do not meet these definitions, e.g. schools and other public sector
      organisation premises

    - the current broadband speed – upload and download

    - total population of the communities being targeted
  • Question 2.8employment – you should provide details on the number of jobs maintained and created by this project.
  • Question 3.1 – statutory/general consents – you should provide details of statutory and other general consents (for example planning permission, building warrant) that you have obtained.

    These should be supported by a copy of the relevant permissions and consents. These are not necessary at the time of application, however may strengthen your application when CBS considers your ability to deliver the project to the projected timescales. If they haven’t been received by the time your application has been submitted, you may wish to provide details of dates when application for consents are anticipated to be submitted/approved.  This can be supported by any communication with the bodies involved.

    In some circumstances, if your project is approved, funding may not be released until evidence of relevant consents have been submitted. Satisfactory evidence may be required from the relevant authorities when you have indicated permission or consent is not required.
  • Question 4.1 - business model – you should provide details on the business and financial model you intend to use for this project. Detail how your organisation will manage and organise the constituent communities.
  • Question 4.2 – your legal status – you should describe how your organisation is constituted and how you involve the community in the management of this project.
  • Question 4.3 – market research and demand – detail why you believe your community has a particular need and demand for superfast broadband and why you believe this will be sufficient to sustain this service in the long run.
  • Question 4.4 – management arrangements – detail your project governance, financial and quality controls and day-to-day management arrangements, including key personnel in your project team.
  • Question 4.5 – sustainability strategy – you should provide details of how you will ensure that your project is able to deliver a sustainable service in the long term, up to and beyond five years.
  • Question 5.1open and fair procurement of services – you should provide details of your procurement strategy for the broadband service.
  • Question 5.2technology neutrality – you should provide details on how your project will procure a technology neutral solution that is tailored to the conditions faced by your community.
  • Question 6evidence and records management – you should provide details of how you will manage and maintain the evidence and records you will need to provide in support of grant claims and in the event of an audit.
  • Question 7 – estimated start and completion dates – you should provide the estimated start and completion date. These dates should be as realistic as possible and you should ensure they take into consideration time for obtaining permissions and assessments of your grant application by the Community Broadband Scotland team.
  • Question 8project milestones – Provide target milestones – including dates for the progression of your project.
  • Question 9.1 – project funding and costs – you should provide written evidence of the project costs and how the project is to be funded. This evidence should include confirmation of the amount of funding from all funders and any terms and conditions relating to financial assistance for:

    - overdrafts
    - loans
    - other grants
    - other public sector support
    - other sources of funding
    - donation of physical items

    Please note that all costs should be quoted net of VAT at this application stage
  • Question 9.2 claim dates – when completing this section please take into account the potential award dates in consultation with your Community Broadband Scotland advisor. If successful, any award will be based on the dates and amounts you provide.
  • Question 9.3 - previous grant funding – where you have previously been awarded funding from any public body, details must be provided including:

    - who the funding was from
    - when it was awarded
    - amount of award
    - a brief description of what the funding was for
    - De Minimis - yes/no
  • Question 11 - declaration – this section must be completed by an authorised person of the applicant organisation. By doing so, you confirm that:

    - you have read and understood the guidance of this scheme
    - the information detailed in this application form is true and accurate
    - you are authorised to sign the application form
    - the applicant will undertake to meet all obligations for planning permission and any other
      certificates or consents.

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