Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Applications and approval process

There will be a rolling applications and assessment process. Before we can process your application, it must be complete and contain the information we require, including all supporting documentation.

You must complete the application form clearly and accurately, and ensure that you send us all the supporting documentation.

Once your application is received, an initial assessment will be carried out to ensure it meets basic scheme eligibility criteria. We will aim to issue you an acknowledgement letter within 14 days of receipt. Where eligibility requirements haven’t been met or your application is incomplete, we aim to confirm this in writing within 14 days.

Selection criteria assessment

Your application and supporting documentation will be assessed by CBS based on the selection criteria developed for the scheme. This is to ensure value for money and technical eligibility.

Projects will be screened against the following selection criteria:

  • financial model or user pricing – does the project deliver a sustainable financial model with affordable user pricing?
  • sustainability – is there evidence of a strong plan for the management and deployment of the project?
  • leverage – to what extent does the project incorporate private sources of funding?
  • community involvement or benefits - is there evidence of benefits and impact this intervention will have on the communities involved?
  • contribution to local or national objectives – does the project demonstrate linkages to local and national social and economic benefits?
  • coverage – does the project deliver appropriate coverage for the target area and target groups?
  • feasibility – can the project be successfully completed within the agreed timescales?

It is very important that you must not start work on your project before receiving notification that your application has been successful.  This will take the form of a grant offer letter that will have to be signed and returned to us.  Only then can you begin work.

Failure to meet this key condition will constitute a breach of the scheme rules and will result in your application being rejected when discovered post offer your award will be withdrawn and any funding paid will have to be repaid to Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

We understand that preparatory work may be necessary and expenditure incurred relating to professional fees will not disqualify the project and may be eligible for grant funding. Please contact your Community Broadband Scotland officer to discuss beforehand.  Fees connected to the preparation of your application are not eligible.

Contact us if you would like to discuss any of the above >

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