Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Community engagement                                     

The first stage in any community broadband project should be about sharing your idea and establishing local demand and support.

If your area is unable to receive a standard broadband service, or this service is poor, you need to establish if you are likely to be included in any announced plans by the major service providers for upgrading services to superfast broadband.   Your Community Broadband Scotland Adviser will help with this.   

You should work with others in your area to:

The following templates are available as a guide:

  • Identify individuals, businesses and groups willing to become actively involved
  • Agree and define your community area (consider combining with neighbouring communities)
  • Assess current broadband provision and support for a community led solution (template community survey)
  • Map survey speed tests to help confirm target area
  • Investigate backhaul options
  • Consider options for a community body to take forward the project
  • Produce Community Scoping Overview

The initial data collection phase should be completed before any technical options appraisals are commissioned.

Compiling an area overview detailing your community broadband requirements will be used as a basis for assessing potential solutions.

The following templates have been prepared as a guide:

Community broadband engagement questionnaire

Community scoping overview template


CBS Seed Fund grant

Up to £2000 CBS Seed funding is available to help communities through this key 


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