Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Stage 3: Capital Assistance

Once the project planning stage is complete (Stage 2) you can apply for funding to establish the broadband project.  We will take your business plan as the basis of your application for CBS Capital Assistance.  It is likely that we will ask you for additional information to supplement your business plan.  In order to provide specific feedback as your business plan develops we are keen to see early drafts. 

To apply for a Capital Assistance grant communities will have to demonstrate/provide the following:

  • An incorporated community body is in place to manage the project
  • Relevant permissions are in place or pending (evidence will be required)
  • Community contribution to capital costs (minimum 11%) and other sources of capital funding (these do not have to be confirmed to make an application to CBS)
  • A comprehensive, viable business plan detailing:
        Project area overview (including community support and demand)
        Subscriber numbers for the first year
        Backhaul availability and costs
        The technical solution
        How the broadband service will be delivered (DIY or contract etc)
        Business model including cash flow projections
        Management arrangements
        Governance arrangements
        Other requirements as requested by your CBS adviser

CBS Capital Assistance grant
Up to a maximum of 89% of capital infrastructure costs (supply and installation).   The full 89% will only be awarded in exceptional cases as match funding from other sources is expected.

A minimum community contribution of 11% is expected.  This should come from non-public sources.

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