Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Stage 2: Project Planning

Once eligibility with CBS criteria is confirmed (Stage 1) you can start more detailed planning of your project. 

This stage will provide the required information to develop a viable business plan which will then form the basis of your application for capital assistance. 

Key activities

  • Undertake or commission a technical options review
  • Investigate service delivery options (options for future proof broadband infrastructure & internet service provision)
  • Develop capital (infrastructure costs) and revenue (service delivery) financial projections
  • Determine/establish a suitable community body to take forward the project and to apply for CBS capital assistance.
  • Investigate appropriate permissions for infrastructure (planning permission, formal wayleave or tenancy agreements etc)

CBS Project Planning grant

A standard grant of £7,500 (up to 100%).  Larger more complex projects can request up to £15,000.

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