Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Stage 1:  Community Engagement  

This is the starting point and involves some initial scoping work, establishing eligibility for CBS funding and engaging (sharing your idea) with the local community. 

Key activities

  • Establish the geographic area your project will serve
  • Assess the current broadband provision and interest in a faster service ( see our pages on community engagement and download our template engagement questionnaire)
  • Ascertain whether the area is likely to benefit from the national Step Change infrastructure programmes
  • Investigate backhaul options
  • Consider options for a community body to take forward the local broadband initiative
  • Demonstrate sufficient support within the community for a local broadband service
  • Investigate potential project partners and funders
  • Complete a scoping overview which will be used as the basis for assessing potential technical solutions in Stage 2: Project Planning

CBS Seed Fund grant
A standard grant of £2,000 (up to 100%).  Larger more complex projects can request up to £5,000.

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