About Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland: The Team

The Community Broadband Scotland (CBS) team consists of 17 members of staff, located throughout Scotland. Each of our six locally-based CBS advisers cover a specific geographical area, where they work with and assist communities who have expressed an interest in pursuing a community broadband project, guiding them through the various project stages.

What we do

CBS offers advice, guidance and financial support to communities across Scotland as they pursue a community-led broadband solution. CBS can provide capital funding to enable communities to acquire the assets and digital infrastructure they need to benefit from better broadband provision in a sustainable and robust way.



I’m interested in creating a community broadband project. Where do I start?
How is CBS funded?
What help can I expect from CBS?
What speeds can I expect from a community broadband project?
What technologies are used in a community broadband project?
How much does it cost to subscribe to a community broadband project?
How do I know if my community is eligible for a community broadband project?
If my community takes on a CBS project, can I still order services from my current ISP?
How do we know which type of Legal Entity to form?
What’s the difference between DSSB and CBS?
What’s the difference between CBS and the BT Fibre Partnership?
What postcode areas are covered in a CBS project?
How do I find out more information about the main fibre roll-out?
How can I find out if there is a community broadband project in my area?
Can I still benefit from the main fibre roll-out if my community takes on a community broadband project?
Will any new jobs be created or any existing jobs protected as a direct result of the project (e.g. engineering jobs)?
What is European State Aid?
How do I know a community broadband solution is future-proofed?
How do I know that the technology CBS funds is robust and reliable?
Does my community have to build the network?
What happens if my community no longer wants to run the project?
We’ve been through the CBS process and we don’t want a community broadband solution. What are our options?
What if the commercial operator of a CBS-funded project goes bankrupt?
Do I need to know how to design a network?
How much effort is involved in a CBS project?
Why can’t I just get fibre to my house through a CBS-funded project?
If my project goes ahead and is de-scoped from BT, can I still use my phone line?
Why do I need to write a business plan for my community broadband project?
Why do I need to undertake market research?
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