Community Broadband

HIE has worked with communities who will not benefit from the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband (DSSB) programme to explore their own broadband solutions.

What we do

HIE has offered advice, guidance and financial support to communities across Scotland as they pursue a community-led broadband solution. Additionally, we have provided capital funding to enable these communities to acquire the assets and digital infrastructure they need to benefit from better broadband provision in a sustainable and robust way.

Getting in touch

Currently, we are not actively supporting any new community-led projects. If you would like information on infrastructure, see or if you're located outwith the Highlands and Islands, see Digital Scotland in the first instance. 





I’m interested in exploring a community-led solution. Who can I contact?
What is the R100 programme?
How do I find out more information about the main fibre roll-out?
What technologies are used in a community broadband project?
What speeds can I expect from a community broadband project?
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