Community Assets

Who we work with

For communities who wish to take on assets, it is important that the purchase and management is carried out by a suitable organisation, which is fit for purpose and accountable to the community it serves.

We work with community-led organisations with broad membership from the whole community.  The organisation usually has a strong social purpose and recognises the need to generate income to sustain its social aims.  Such organisations are often referred to as development trust and often, but not always, are companies limited by guarantee.

If your project is at the ideas stage it could be that an organisation has not been set up yet.  We can work with you to support you through these early stages and if the project progresses we can help with the setting up of an appropriate legal entity.  Follow these links to the model articles for Company Limited by Guarantee and SCIO prepared by the Scottish Government.  These are not obligatory but meet the Community Right to Buy requirements and, as they demonstrate community control may therefore ensure eligibility for funding bodies.

Projects eligible for support will normally have the following characteristics:

  • Offer a development opportunity including activities that add value locally and create economic, social and environmental opportunities.
  • Meet a community identified need with wide community support, a high degree of voluntarism and local involvement.
  • Create and support local employment opportunities.
  • Provide long-term financial viability.
  • Deliver a mix of economic, social, cultural and environmental objectives.

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