Digital Heritage Workshops - Academic Speakers’ Biographies


Eddie Horn previously worked in the private sector as an Interactive Producer developing and creating multimedia applications and websites for a range of industries. Then moved to Glasgow Caledonian University and established a suite of undergraduate and post-graduate courses specialising in digital media technology with a particular emphasis in 3D visualisation. Areas of interest and research include Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry, 3D modelling and Animation, Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Dr Bess Rhodes is a research fellow at the University of St Andrews and Smart History. Bess holds a Doctorate in history from St Andrews. Bess is currently head of history at Smart History and has recently worked on the Iron Age, Medieval and Modern periods. She specialises in archive research and is great at turning up new finds and highlighting significant events in accessible language. Bess has recently worked for Historic Environment Scotland researching Edinburgh Castle and Scottish tournaments. She has also worked in developing content for virtual reality apps such as Edinburgh 1544.


Dr Iain Oliver is also a research fellow at the University of St Andrews and Smart History. Iain leads our systems engineering work and in developing the Virtual Museum toolkits. His PhD was in traffic engineering for virtual environments. Since then he has developed immersive systems for museums and the Virtual Time Binocular framework. Iain has also expertise in laser scanning, structured light and photogrammetry. He has produced high quality 3D models and makes them available through the web and mobile apps.


Anna Vermehren is Project Manager for CINE Northern and Arctic Periphery Programme Museum Nord, Norway. Anna has extensive experience in developing and directing museum programs and working with virtual museums. She has worked with the University of St Andrews in developing the Caen Virtual World and Clearances Trail App, and an innovative cross reality exhibition using 360 technologies to see into the past of Helmsdale.


Dr Richard Bates, is a Reader at University of St Andrews. Richard has a long standing association with the digitisation of heritage data working on projects across the globe.  He has a particular interest in island archaeology with current projects in the Western Isles and Orkney that include digital survey on land and water. Richard has also pioneered the application of digital technologies to bring alive digital sites, working with GIS and game engines to turn survey data into interactive digital models and simulations.


Dr Alan Miller is a lecturer in Digital Heritage and Smart History at the University of St Andrews. Alan has worked with Museums and Heritage Centres across the highlands and Islands to push the boundaries of emergent technologies can be used to promote and preserve heritage. Collaboration with, Shetland Museum, Taigh Chearsabhagh, Timespan Museum, the Aros Centre, Groam House and Speyside Wildlife have featured immersive exhibitions and virtual reality apps of subjects such as St Kilda, the Caen Township and Featherland Fishing Station.


Catherine Anne Cassidy is a PhD candidate within the University of St Andrews and Smart History. Catherine has an MLitt in Museum and Galleries Studies and is now studying for a Ph.D. in Computer Science. She has worked as a research fellow for the European Union Latin America and Caribbean Museums (EU-LAC) Horizon 2020 project. Roles has included the design and delivery of 3D and Spherical Media workshops which have been delivered in 9 countries and over 20 museums. She has also worked on the design of the EU-LAC 3D Virtual Museum (, which showcases the outputs from these workshops.

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