Scottish Business Pledge - a natural fit for LifeScan Scotland

LifeScan Scotland

The Scottish Business Pledge was a natural fit for LifeScan Scotland – and has helped to give suppliers extra confidence in working with the company.

LifeScan Scotland makes products for people with diabetes. Based in Inverness, the company is one of the largest private employers in the Highlands – with over 1000 employees. The company has signed up to all nine elements of the Scottish Business Pledge, which fit with the broader principles of parent company Johnson & Johnson.

In many ways LifeScan Scotland was already fulfilling the components of the pledge. It dovetails with the Johnson & Johnson Credo, a set of principles laid out in 1943 which are as relevant today as they were then. It’s a truly global company, exporting its products across the world. Innovation is a central part of the company’s success – as is the workforce, which is based at LifeScan’s manufacturing and research and development HQ in Inverness. And having been based in Inverness for over 20 years, it’s a firm feature in the local community.

Implementing the Living Wage

LifeScanLifeScan Scotland has implemented the Living Wage across the business
Becoming a Living Wage Foundation accredited employer was the biggest change for the company in meeting all 9 components – it has affected over 40 employees.

Signing the pledge has helped to inspire confidence in the businesses that LifeScan Scotland works with, says Managing Director David McMillan. “Our partners and suppliers have been very complimentary about it. It’s helped give our suppliers of contracted work – and their employees – confidence in working for LifeScan Scotland.”

"One of the biggest benefits of signing the Business Pledge is the potential to attract new talent". David McMillan, Managing Director of LifeScan Scotland

Attracting new talent

“One of the biggest benefits of signing the Business Pledge is the potential to attract new talent. The local and national community take note that we’re signed up to it – and people want to work here.”

The pledge is certainly an enabler in that respect, says David, but it’s not the primary reason for signing up. The Business Pledge encourages companies to do the right thing – and to gain recognition for it. For LifeScan Scotland, it’s been a welcome addition to the company’s Credo – and David hopes that many more businesses will sign up.

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