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Making the Most of Masters

Making the Most of Masters (MMM) aims to improve collaboration between employers and universities by providing opportunities for masters students to undertake work based dissertation projects.  The projects, which are an integral part of the students’ academic programme, address real needs within an organisation. Projects can be from any discipline and economic area.

The MMM Legacy programme builds on the success of the first MMM programme which ran in partnership with the Universities of Stirling, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The MMM Legacy programme now includes Highlands and Islands Enterprise as well as, Abertay, Dundee, Strathclyde and West of Scotland, with several others in discussion to join.

The MMM Legacy programme sits well with HIE’s strategy for ‘supporting economic development through Scotland’s universities’ in order to promote knowledge transfer and exchange.  One key strand of this strategy is to grow the number of post-graduate placements into businesses in our region. 

HIE’s objectives are different to other MMM Legacy partners as HIE will source the placement opportunities within organisations and businesses with the MMM Universities identifying the students.  There is a strong synergy with our organisation to support work-based knowledge transfer placements.


The Project

HIE already offers graduate and summer placements through a Scotland-wide partnership programme, ScotGrad.  For HIE, the aim is that the MMM Legacy programme would deliver a significant opportunity to increase knowledge transfer between the university and an account managed organisation whilst providing a postgraduate student with a work-based placement for their academic studies.  These placements are likely to focus on projects involving more strategic analysis or evaluation assignments.  The MMM Legacy programme would therefore build on the current strands of student and graduate placements in the HIE area and increase the knowledge transfer activity resulting in sustainability or growth. 

To find out more about the benefits of hosting a student download the Making the Most of Masters brochure and case study from left hand side of this page.


What's Involved

HIE will work to identify organisations which require a 12-13 week strategic analysis and/or evaluation placement.  Once this is identified the organisation will be supported to complete the standard MMM project brief, then HIE will liaise with MMM Partners to identify a student. 

Every student will be supported by a university supervisor during their placement.  At the end of the placement the student will produce a report on their findings to both the organisation and HIE. This will help the organisation assess the feasibility of future options whilst assisting the student in achieving their academic degree.  It should be noted that the intellectual property sits with the student rather than the business.  



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