Marketing strategy workshop

The Marketing Strategy Workshop offers HIE account managed businesses the opportunity to develop a new, strategic marketing plan by working with a highly qualified marketing consultant.

Workshops will focus on developing a marketing plan that will support business growth and identify the resources required to deliver it.

The workshops are available in three categories:

  • online and digital marketing
  • digital marketing targeted at international markets
  • digital marketing specifically for food and drink businesses

What are the business benefits?

Businesses participating in the Marketing Strategy Workshop will benefit from:

  • the creation of a strategic marketing plan wholly aligned with the business growth plan.
  • support to review target market opportunities and the tools required to reach these. 
  • opportunity to identify the most appropriate marketing channels, both digital and traditional. 
  • option to identify resource implications, including people, budget and timescales.

Who is it for?

The Marketing Strategy Workshop is available to HIE account managed businesses.

HIE operates account management to build close relationships with hundreds of businesses and social enterprises across the Highlands and Islands. Account managed clients have the ambition and potential to trade outwith the region and achieve high growth, or to deliver significant benefits within a fragile area.

The workshop is suitable for account managed businesses that have identified a gap in the market or would like to change direction of their current strategy to target a specific product, service or market.

How do we deliver this service?

If your HIE account manager identifies a business need for this service, a highly qualified marketing consultant will be appointed to meet with you a one-to-one basis.

This service is delivered over two to four days and is delivered within a six-week period. A follow up review will take place within three - six months.

How much does it cost?

The General Workshop Strategy is free to HIE account managed businesses if your account manager identifies a business need for this product.


Please contact your HIE account manager.

If you are not currently account managed but are interested in working with HIE...

Please contact your local HIE area team >



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