Market awareness

Our market awareness events usually run for half a day or a full day, and feature speakers who can impart invaluable information on doing business with or in a specific country or region. We’ve run market awareness courses on China, Japan, Scandinavia, North America, France, the Middle East, Ireland and many, many more.

Who's it for?

Any company who wants to know more about doing business in a specific country or economic region.

How your company benefits

  • Gain valuable insights from a range of specialists
  • Learn more about support available to you from Highlands and Islands Enterprise
  • Find out about the any upcoming market visits
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded companies
  • Make contacts in your chosen target market

Businesses already benefitting from market awareness visits 

How Scottish businesses can win in London and internationally
29 November 2018
An Lòchran, Inverness
The Essentials of Exporting to the Nordics - Shetland
06 December 2018
The Essentials of Exporting to the Nordics - Inverness
05 December 2018
Multi-sector market visit to Italy
03 February 2019 to 07 February 2019

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