Our Export Advisory Service

Our team of export advisers provide impartial advice to help you understand overseas business practices and make the most of the services and support available, so you have the knowledge and skills to trade successfully in international markets.

What they do

Our export advisers act as a first point of contact for any business either making the move into exporting, or seeking to increase their exporting activity. They will get to know your business and your ambitions for growth and will then recommend the best course of action. Depending on your exporting status this could include help with:

  • defining your markets,
  • creating your own action plan or strategy,
  • preparing your products for markets
  • getting out to market to meet potential buyers and create those all-important trade partners

We can do this with you by offering you:

  • Advice
  • Information
  • Contacts and networking
  • Funding

With the right advice and skills, business across the Highlands and Islands are thinking, competing and trading globally - and you can join them. With increased knowledge of how international markets work and the right support to help you get there, your business can develop the confindence to pursue overseas opportunities - and take on the world!

A note on funding

We know that the costs of doing International Trade can seem high; by working with our trade advisers we can look at a potential package of grant support, either for a one-off trip, or better yet a programme of activity that we help you put together over a year or longer. The sort of costs we can consider are wide, but typically are the costs of travel; accommodation; translation and design costs for brochures, website and packaging; trade show attendance; and other related costs. We would encourage you to talk to one of our trade advisers about your particular circumstances.

Meet the advisers

Contact our export advisory service

If you prefer, you can contact our export advisers by phone on 0300 013 5107 or by email international@hient.co.uk

Learn more: try our Youtube channel for more information on how to export, available support and specific market advice