HIE can help you prepare to do business internationally with a suite of support, including advice, information and funding.

Prepare an export plan

Your first task is to prepare an export plan - decide on your international trading objectives, and create a strategy that will deliver them. HIE can offer the services of an experienced export adviser at this crucial first stage. This free support service offers an objective perspective, delivering expert advice to refine your plans for entering the international arena - and making it a success.

If you are thinking about exporting for the first time or are in the early stages of exporting, you can attend a Preparing to Export workshop. International trade offers great opportunities for business growth and development - the workshops and support services enable companies new to exporting to make sure they get it right from the outset.

Introductory workshops: for companies new to exporting

HIE’s Preparing To Export workshop is a two-day introductory course aimed at newcomers to international trade from many different business sectors throughout the Highlands and Islands. The workshop is structured to give participants a solid grounding in exporting fundamentals, as well as providing insight into the range of business opportunities available for selling products and services overseas.

The workshop includes market analysis and market entry, setting out all you need to know about developing an international business strategy. It delivers practical knowledge on contracts, intellectual property, shipping and tariffs, and includes key preparatory elements, emphasising the importance of international business planning and market research when it comes to selecting the right markets. 

Trading overseas often means responding to new challenges that businesses don’t encounter in the domestic market. This workshop is a great way to help you anticipate the unexpected, and develop a plan to deal with it, including the use of websites and social media, market visits, exhibitions and cultural understanding.

If you think exporting is right for your business, HIE brings to the table additional support including advice, funding and events. Keep an eye on our social media platforms as well as our website for updates on the latest International trade events. You’re welcome to contact us for more information at any time.

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