TrixPix is a media production company based on a working croft in South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. Led by Beatrix Wood, it makes creative documentaries and multi-media projects for TV, cinema and online platforms.

Whilst developing their business plan with HIE, TrixPix quickly identified the importance of digital innovation for future growth. Moving from traditional analogue methods to a digital workflow would facilitate faster production and higher quality making it easier for TrixPix to promote its work and compete at an international level. 

The HIE innovation grant was highlighted as a starting point, supported by match funding. TrixPix spent 18 months researching technology and techniques - not easy in such a fast-moving, innovative field - before submitting the application, to ensure they had covered everything that would enable them to make tangible, relevant changes to their workflow systems.

HIE has delivered positive, practical support throughout the process, especially when it came to helping me to tackle the dual responsibilities of wearing both a business and creative hat; whichever one I’ve got on now, I’m keeping better track of management and creative functions!

The company is already reaping exciting results from its investment – a co-production with a number of Nordic countries with global reach is in production, a new corporate partner has come on board, and a number of films with BBC Alba are also in production.



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