Developing a new product or process often requires some research and development (R&D) work.

This could be done in-house or with the help of a partner or sub-contractor. Either way, we know that it can be difficult for businesses to access expertise or to raise the necessary finance to carry out projects of this nature, where there is no guarantee of success.

How can we help with R&D?

HIE’s team of innovation specialists is here to help you develop your project plan from idea to commercialisation and identify the most appropriate sources of support along the way.

Scotland and the UK has a very supportive network of funders for business R&D. Our team can give guidance on preparing funding applications for a range of schemes, including Horizon 2020, Innovate UK and SMART: SCOTLAND to name a few. We can also facilitate introductions to potential collaborators in academia, through Interface, Scottish Innovation Centres and the UK Catapult network.

Grant support available

HIE can also consider grant support for R&D projects where:

  • Primary and secondary market research indicates a clear market need for the end product/process and a market beyond the Highlands and Islands
  • A route to market has been mapped out and there is a strong business case for investing in developing the product/process
  • A strategy for protecting and exploiting the intellectual property generated has been developed
  • The company can quantify the impact the new product/process will have on the business
  • There is a clearly identified funding shortfall which cannot be met by the company or raised privately
  • It can be demonstrated that funding from HIE would result in benefits to the Highlands and Islands economy

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