Innovation, R&D


What is it?

Innovation is about doing things differently, whether it's developing a new product or changing a process to improve productivity.

In a global economy, the ability to innovate can determine the success or growth of a business and in turn, an economy. Of all the triggers for success, the ability to innovate is perhaps the most critical, and therefore the biggest challenge.

Innovation programmes are a great way to prompt your thinking to look at how you can improve market share, develop new markets, and increase the size of your business.

How HIE can help:

HIE can help businesses develop fresh thinking through a variety of support programmes. If you would like to discuss your individual business needs, please contact us through our Innovate Your Business Programme.

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We'll work closely with our clients to:

  • Develop new approaches to your processes and improve your productivity
  • Evaluate your ideas and look at potential markets
  • Find ways of funding high-risk and speculative projects

Explore the types of support available: 


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