What is innovation?

Innovation is about doing things smarter or better, or doing something new, to make a positive difference to your business. It could be developing a new product, getting your product to your customers in a different way or changing a process to improve productivity.

It’s about turning new ideas into commercially viable opportunities that will increase your market share or help you enter new markets, ultimately growing your business.

Why should businesses innovate?

Businesses need to continually adapt to remain competitive. Markets change, consumer trends change, technology advances. The practises you adopt today may not be fit for purpose in ten or even five years’ time.

Of all the triggers for success, the ability to innovate is perhaps the most critical, and is often the biggest challenge.

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Get your ideas of the ground

Do you have an idea that will make a positive difference to your business?

If so, you could qualify for innovation support and funding. You may not think that you’re innovating - but you might be! Innovate Your Business is a programme of support to help businesses develop fresh thinking into commercial success. This support includes tailored one-to-one advice and potential grant funding of up to £15,000.

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Get help with intellectual property

Could you protect your idea to increase commercial success?

HIE has an intellectual asset support service that can help businesses get the most out of their intangible assets, the stuff that can’t be seen or held in your hand but could be more valuable than you think. We can also provide practical guidance on working with collaborators, methods of protection – including patents, copyright and design rights – and routes for commercial exploitation.

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Get support for research and development 

Investing in research and development is a big financial commitment for businesses. But it’s one that pays off, as studies have repeatedly shown a link between investment in R&D and productivity and export activity. That’s why we work to help companies assemble a funding package that will allow them to maximise the impacts from R&D activity.

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Innovate your business

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