Research and Development tax credits

Research and Development tax credits have been introduced to increase investment in innovation.

R&D tax credits can reduce your tax bill or provide a cash sum for some small to medium-sized companies (SMEs).

The Scottish Enterprise SMART: SCOTLAND team held several workshops across Scotland to help businesses understand R&D tax credits following the schemes introduction.

The workshops covered:

  • What tax relief is available through the R&D tax credit schemes
  • How the R&D tax credit schemes work for SMEs and large companies
  • How a company can identify if they are involved in R&D
  • Examples of R&D work done by companies who have made successful claims
  • Tips on what's important when submitting a claim
  • When to claim R&D Tax Relief
  • Eligible claim costs

You can watch a video of the final workshop held in Inverness on Scottish Enterprise's website. 

Find out more on the HM Revenue and Customs website

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