Established in 2000 by managing director Gareth Davies, Orkney-based Aquatera is an environmental consultancy providing a wide range of services to the renewable energy, oil and gas industries and other environmental projects.

For Aquatera, development in UK marine markets has been slower than anticipated, which means much of its desired business growth comes from overseas. The organisation is currently operating in countries as far afield as Chile, Japan, France, the USA, Canada and Kazakhstan - to name a few.

Director of business and sustainable development Gaynor Jones felt Aquatera’s management team would benefit from setting aside dedicated time to focus on the company’s international plans. To do this she enlisted the help of Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

Gaynor commented: “We were interested in pursuing opportunities in Chile, Japan, France, Canada, the Americas, the Canaries and the Azores as all of these countries have marine renewable energy markets at varying stages of development. Some have test sites and a few even have partnerships with Scotland. We felt confident we could offer in depth knowledge and experience which can be hard to come by in these areas.”

We attended a workshop during which we discussed these markets in detail, identified opportunities and decided how we could best engage like-minded companies and identify gaps in the supply chain. The workshop allowed us to set aside quality time and share our thoughts with an independent consultant, helping us to develop a clear international strategy for the company to focus on.

“Our future ambition is to set up marine energy centres of excellence in our key international markets and we look forward to using our renewed focus to drive this forward.”