Global aid projects


International aid procurement opportunities

Global development projects offer companies like yours excellent opportunities, but it's important to be prepared and have the right contacts in place. That's where we can step in.

We can help you ensure your company is prepared to get involved with UKTI’s Aid agency Funded Business programme.

Last year more than 140 billion USD was spent by the International aid and donor agencies in purchasing goods and services from the private sector to assist the developing world.

The private sector plays a vital role in supplying the necessary goods and services needed to achieve the goals of organisations such as the United Nations, World Bank, Regional Development Banks and the European Union.

These organisations buy a broad range of goods and services, from healthcare supplies and vehicles to consultancy in areas such as the environment, education and training.

Are you eligible?

This service is suitable for Scottish companies who have been trading overseas for a minimum of three years.

What's involved?

Aid agency funded business is about win-win. Scottish companies gain valuable contracts, the aid agency funds a sound project and developing countries gain sustainable assets.

  • Variety of opportunity – there seems to be few items the agencies do not require at one time or another
  • Orders always backed by funds – aid agencies cannot place orders unless funds are available so as long as contract terms are met, payment is rarely a problem
  • English is the working language
  • Order size is suitable for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) – supply contracts can start at as little as £6,000, rising to tens of millions of pounds for major infrastructure projects, the average supply contract with the UN agencies is £12,500

Organisations such as the United Nations and World Bank fund projects that cover a wide range of sectors and services.

How to apply

Contact aileen.lamberton@scotent.co.uk

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