So you've applied for the Scottish EDGE? Here's what happens next

Yes, we know it's a bit long. But the information below is all pretty important, so if you've applied for the Scottish EDGE you'd better make yourself a cup of tea and settle down to find out what's going to happen next.

Upon submission of your application form within the opening period, you will receive an automated response confirming receipt of your application. If you do not receive this automated response, please assume that your application has not been received and contact us on 0845 607 8787 where a member of staff will try to resolve the matter. Sometimes, if a large number of people apply at the same time, such as near the closing date and time, we don’t receive all the applications, so make sure you don’t leave it too late and have received your automated response.

We will get back to you by 24 March to advise if your application is successful or not in reaching the short listing stage. Your application may be unsuccessful for a number of reasons such as eligibility, incomplete application form, form being submitted in a version other than Microsoft word, no password for your video, video not submitted through YouTube etc, so please make sure your application form is fully completed as we won’t contact you again until after the closing date and time when it will be too late to resubmit an application.

Representatives of the partner organisations will review and shortlist applications against the published criteria. They will identify up to 60 applicants who they feel demonstrate potential for growth which could be achieved as a result of support from the Scottish EDGE. For eligible applicants, if you do not make it to the semi-final of the Scottish EDGE and you are aged 18-30, your application will be considered for Young EDGE. Again, representatives of relevant partner organisations will review and shortlist, inviting around 30 applicants to pitch their idea in person.

Sadly we have had very mixed feedback on the use of feedback where the opportunity for discussion isn’t there to explain or add value to comments or scores given. As such, for Round 4 of the competition no feedback or scores will be given to applicants as to why their application was unsuccessful and no correspondence will be entered into with the judges’ decision being final.

Scottish EDGE - Up to 60 applicants who have scored the highest will be invited to pitch their idea at one of two semi final events (Glasgow on 12 May and Dundee on 13 May) to a panel of representatives from the partner organisations and/or other experienced external individuals. Young EDGE – Up to 30 applicants will be invited to pitch their idea at a final event held on 15 May in Glasgow. Again this pitch will be to a panel of representatives from partner organisations and/or other external individuals. Beyond this stage you will not hear about the outcome until the final awards are given on 16th June 2013.

In either case, if you are invited to pitch in person you will be given an allocated venue and time. Your pitch will last for 3 minutes and there will be a short Q&A thereafter. There will be no audience for this pitch and there is no need to be available outwith your allocated time. You will be allowed to use a max of 5 Microsoft Powerpoint slides for your pitch should you wish to do so (guidance will be issued if you reach this stage) and you can bring samples or materials to demonstrate your business, but these must be of a size which does not require assembly. You will be scored by the judges against the same areas as those considered during the shortlisting exercise.

Up to 30 Scottish EDGE applicants who demonstrate the most potential will then be invited to go on to present their idea before a senior business panel at the final on Monday 16 June at RBS Conference Centre, Gogarburn, Edinburgh. All candidates who make it to the semi final pitching events will be contacted by e-mail no later than Friday 16 May to advise whether or not they have been successful. Again, you can use a max of 5 Microsoft Powerpoint slides if you wish to do so. The senior Scottish business leaders in the panel will determine the winners and the level of support which should be given. This may be financial or through other means, such as mentoring, training etc.

A reception will take place later that evening where the winners of both Scottish EDGE and Young EDGE will be announced. Awards will be made by John Swinney MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth.

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