The Scottish EDGE: how to deal with intellectual property issues

Potential applicants for the Scottish EDGE should be aware before entering that there may be a need to protect the innovative concepts, technologies and product ideas which they may be planning to describe in their application form or video.

Many forms of intellectual property or IP can be protected through forms of legal registration (such as trade marks, domain names, some designs and patents) and through unregistered rights (such as copyright).

However, the ability to obtain some of these types of protection is dependent on the innovation remaining confidential and not being disclosed to the public (e.g. once an idea is in the public domain, it is no longer capable of obtaining patent protection).

The Scottish EDGE organisers strongly recommend that any potential applicant who is uncertain about potential protection options for their concept, technology, product, service or brand to seek advice from an IP professional such as a specialist IP lawyer, patent agent or a trade mark agent before submitting their application form or making their video.


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