Frequently asked questions

Q. What if I’m late?

A. The closing date and time for applications is Tuesday 16 April at 5pm. If you submit an incomplete application, or your application is submitted after this time on 16 April, it will not be considered for this round of the Scottish EDGE and you will need to consider applying for the next round in autumn 2013.

Q. My company has been incorporated for longer than 3 years, but I’ve been trading for less than 3 years, am I eligible?

A. No, you must have been incorporated within the 3 years leading up to 30 April 2013.

Q. Am I allowed powerpoint at regional and final pitching events?

A. No powerpoint or technical equipment will be available for the pitching events. Full instructions will be given to those who successfully get through to the pitching stages of the competition.

Q. I’ve won an award. How do I get my money?

A. 50% of any funds awarded will be given upon the award being granted. Certain milestones, as per your application form, will be agreed with you and will be in the Contract and once you have achieved these milestones within the agreed timescales, the final payment will be made. Here is a copy of a standard contract

Q. How long will it take me to complete my application?

A. Past winners told us that it takes anything from half a day to several days to prepare the paperwork and pitch; more time is also needed to practice and ensure your delivery is as pitch perfect as you can make it.
Some others told us that they spent several weeks putting information together - if you find that your time is being diverted beyond a level that you are comfortable with then you need to consider the likelihood of success in this competition and whether or not entry is best for you.

Q. I applied to the Scottish EDGE the last time - can I apply again?

A. Yes, if you were unsuccessful you are welcome to apply again. Be careful to note the change in application form format and video pitch requirements this time around and be sure to address the eligibility criteria in your pitch.

Q. Are the judges impartial?

A. Many Scottish EDGE applicants will have a relationship of some sort with one or more of the organisations who enable and support businesses starting up in Scotland. It is therefore inevitable that some judges may be more familiar with a particular applicant than others.

Where such knowledge or relationship exists, it does not confer any advantage upon the applicant as they are being assessed purely on their submitted information with selection undertaken by a panel of representatives from across Scotland's Enterprise Agencies, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Entrepreneurial Spark, Scottish Development International and Youth Business Trust.

No single judges assessment would be sufficient to artificially skew the group's conclusions and applicants are assured that their selection, or otherwise, is undertaken in a professional and consistent manner.

Q. You've asked for the application form to be submitted as a Word document but I don't have an electronic signature to sign it?

A. All applications have been requested in Word format only. If another version is sent in, it will be returned to you for submission in Word. Only then will your application be accepted. We will assume that the personal details i.e. name, address and email address, that you complete in the application form, along with the application form being sent from the same email address as on the application form is confirmation of your signature.

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