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Boost your entrepreneurial skills and develop your business ideas with Scotland Can Do Scale.

Scotland CAN DO SCALE - what is it?


Scotland CAN DO SCALE aims to develop the skills of entrepreneurs who have an internationally relevant, innovation-drive idea with the potential to grow significantly in Scotland.

The CAN DO SCALE 2016 programme offers teaching led by internationally renowned influencers with direct expertise in substantial company growth. It will take place over five days in Stirling and is designed both for start-up entrepreneurs who want to kickstart their business growth and those who want to scale up their business to new heights.

The programme will equip you with a proven, systematic and rigorous approach to grow your business that can be reused to foster new markets and products throughout its lifetime.

You'll learn skills to scale up to an innovation-driven enterprise (IDE), developing a business that leads the competition and can create significant growth with new products or services that excite customers and can be delivered efficiently.

By focusing on innovation as a key driver of growth, you can compete in new ways, using new business models to respond rapidly to evolving trends in a highly connected marketplace.

Who's it for?

The CAN DO SCALE programme is designed for ambitious Scottish entrepreneurs and management teams headquartered or located in Scotland, either looking to start up or scale up a globally successful company.

  • Can Do - for potential or early stage start up entrepreneurs with ambitions to grow
  • Scale - for existing entrepreneurs looking to scale up their business or idea

The Can Do track is aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs with an early stage business idea
  • Those interested in becoming entrepreneurs and finding co-founders or others with a product idea
  • Business start-ups who are pre-revenue and yet to make their first sale
  • New entrepreneurial companies less than 3 years old

The Scale track is aimed at:

  • Established businesses 3-10 years old with ambitions to grow
  • Those with the need for scale up skills to grow from an SME to an IDE
  • Companies with the potential to trade internationally
  • Entrepreneurial leaders who wants to arm themselves with the knowledge and tools to  move successfully into international markets

What is involved?

The CAN DO SCALE 2016 programme will run over four days and includes:

  • Intensive teaching sessions
  • Guest lectures
  • Case studies
  • Team building exercises
  • One-to-one 'office hours' sessions with the course delivery team and experienced Scottish entrepreneurs

There will be networking lunches and dinners each day and the opportunity for both tracks to learn together and through separate focused sessions whilst expanding their local and global networks.

Who is involved?

The CAN DO SCALE 2016 programme will be led by Bill Aulet from the MIT Sloan School of Management and Noam Wasserman from Harvard Business School, incorporating some sessions delivered by entrepreneurship educators from Scottish higher education institutes and from Scottish entrepreneurs. The content will draw from international best practice and experience and be tailored to specifically fit the Scottish audience.

Bill Aulet is a senior lecturer and managing director in the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management. A true serial entrepreneur, prior to joining the faculty at MIT, Bill had a 25-year track record of success in business himself. After working for 11 years at IBM in the early days of technology development. Bill founded and led a number of globally-successful companies including SenseAble Technologies and Viisage Technology.  He has directly raised more than $100 million in funding for his companies and recently published the book “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Start Up”.  Bill teaches the learnings from his book and shares his knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs around the globe on a regular basis and has been working closely with Scottish companies with global growth aspirations for the past nine years.

Noam Wasserman is a professor at Harvard Business School (HBS) and his expertise lies in founders’ early decisions that can make or break a start-up and its team. At HBS, he developed and teaches an MBA elective, Founders’ Dilemmas, which was named one of the top entrepreneurship courses in the country by Inc. magazine. In 2012, Noam published the bestselling book, The Founder’s Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup. Both The Founder’s Dilemmas (the book) and Founders’ Dilemmas (the course) provide a roadmap for founders about the most common pitfalls they will face. The book and course integrate Noam’s research results, quantitative data collected from 10,000 founders, case studies, and conceptual frameworks.


The SCALE 2016 programme is funded by a partnership between the Scottish Funding Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise. As the programme develops there will be increasing involvement with Scottish universities that deliver the best entrepreneurship education in Scotland.

How do I find out more?

To find out more, contact Stephen McEwan at stephen.mcewan@hient.co.uk or visit www.cando.scot/scale


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