The 2014 Saltire Fellowship

Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership for Scotland

The Saltire Fellowship Programme is an opportunity for emerging talent in the Scottish business world offered by The Saltire Foundation in partnership with Babson College (Boston, USA) and the GlobalScot network. The Fellowship is a world class entrepreneurial leadership programme designed to create a global and entrepreneurial mindset in Scotland’s future business leaders.

What is it?

Businesses grow and prosper when the leadership potential of their people is developed.  The Saltire Fellowship was created to give talented Scots the skill sets, networks, mindset and ambition to grow Scotland’s entrepreneurial businesses

The Saltire Fellowship is a world class, 8 month long programme that equips the Fellow with the skills and attitudes required to take a leadership role within Scottish business. It blends teaching at the #1 ranked Business School in the world for Entrepreneurship with hands on international experience at a major global company then a Scottish high growth SME.

The Saltire Foundation is currently looking for candidates for the 2014-2015 Saltire Fellowship.  This highly effective programme incorporates an intense 4-month learning experience at Babson College in Boston (the top business school in the US for entrepreneurship); an executive project for a Boston or Silicon Valley based company; a learning experience in China; and a 3-month executive project back in Scotland. 

Entrepreneurial thought and action is the core principle of the programme.  Through seminars with senior Babson faculty, live case studies with successful entrepreneurs, networking with GlobalScots, and hands-on learning executive projects in the US and Scotland, Saltire Fellows are exposed to the content, context, and contacts that enable them to grow and lead businesses.

The Saltire Fellowship has proven its ability for individuals to return to their company with stronger commercial skills, global market understanding, greater ambition and hands on experience of working in different environments.

The programme is designed to develop the leaders that companies need most: those who can create opportunities, envision and navigate change, surmount complexity and motivate teams in a common purpose to grow organizations and create economic and social value.

What are the business benefits?

Saltire Fellows are exposed to world class networks both in Scotland and globally, for example through GlobalScots. Their peer network will be unrivalled as they will share their journey with a cohort of Scotland’s “best and brightest” and have access to Saltire Foundation Alumni. They will also receive a thorough grounding in the specific opportunities and challenges at a company, sectorial and national level within the global and Scottish context.

The Foundation will work closely with you to ensure your Fellow returns enthused and ready to take on greater responsibility. Equally, they will understand that the next challenge still needs to be earned.

Looking to the future, the experience does not end after graduation as Saltire Fellows continue to learn and access networks through the tailored alumni programme.

The Saltire Fellowship is based on three principles:

  • Entrepreneurial leadership
    Taught by faculty who have run million-dollar businesses on campus at Babson College, Boston (the number one Business School in the world for Entrepreneurship) in partnership with the best of Scottish Business Schools.
  • Experiential learning
    Through Babson’s programme of immersion in entrepreneurial experience and learning, as well as through hands on delivery of live projects in international firms and high-growth Scottish companies.
  • Global mindset rooted in Scotland
    Immersion in Boston and Scottish entrepreneurial ecosystems and intensive exposure to international and Scottish networks at C-level. The Babson schedule includes an integral week of learning and experience delivered in China or Brazil.

Who is it for?

To enhance the learning within the group, the cohort will have diverse characteristics and experience. However,
they will share the following:

  • They will have meaningful work experience to draw upon
  • They will believe they have significant potential

They will have the following attributes:

  • Openess to learn from new experiences
  • Determination and resilience
  • Value and enjoy working in groups
  • Strong leadership potential

How to apply

Visit www.saltirefoundation.com/fellowship


email sandy.kennedy@saltirefoundation.com

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