Increasing innovation-driven entrepreneurship in Scotland

In Scotland we have an opportunity to redefine ourselves as a nation of dynamic and high achieving entrepreneurs, targeting global market opportunities, using innovation as a key driver of sales growth, making a significant contribution to the creation of employment and wealth.

Scotland already has strong foundations in place to achieve this, but, in key areas the environment in which our talented entrepreneurs and innovators operate is not optimal and this constrains progress. In addressing these constraints through specific and targeted actions we can stimulate a new era of innovation-driven entrepreneurship in Scotland. A relentless focus on customers and markets, combined with high levels of market orientated innovation and access to a variety of funds for business growth, will deliver increased numbers of ambitious companies growing rapidly with both a determined and disciplined approach.

The REAP Report

The call to action follows a new, in-depth analysis of the Scottish entrepreneurial support system by a team drawn from across the business, academic and financial communities.  The REAP Scotland report highlights the strengths of the existing system, while identifying a number of bottlenecks and recommending ways in which these can be overcome.
Published this week, the report is the result of an intensive two year project where the team worked together with a large group of stakeholders to investigate Scotland’s systems for supporting entrepreneurial activity.
The results and recommendations of the team's participation in REAP can be read in the full REAP report below.

  • Role Models for Entrepreneurs

The REAP Scotland report highlighted the importance of identifying and celebrating role models for entrepreneurs who have recently started or are thinking of starting a company. A new report by Young Company Finance Scotland called "Role Models - here to help" has recently been published to help move this agenda forward. You can access a copy of the report below.

Guide to Networking for Entrepreneurs

Young Company Finance Scotland has launched an updated version of its ‘Guide to Networking for Entrepreneurs’.  The guide contains useful information on the value of networks and tips on how to use them.  The guide has a list of network organisations across Scotland to help businesses get started.

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