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Section 4 - Eligibility information

If your business is based in the Scottish Enterprise area, you may be eligible for support towards the Masterclass fee if agreed in advance with your SE Account Manager.

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Please note, if you go on to apply for any other public assistance ie. The SDS Flexible Training Opportunity to support the fee for this Masterclass, you must declare any subsidy you have received from SE.

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Section 5 - Details if receiving other assistance

In the unlikely event that your assistance levels exceed the State Aid ceiling, SE may have to offer you a reduced subsidy rate. Please provide details of the additional public assistance you will be receiving (name of grant and amount) to attend this Masterclass.

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Section 6 - Accommodation information

Please note that accommodation is included in the masterclass fee for all participants to ensure full participation in the programme which runs from aprox 10:30am-10pm on Day 1 and 9am-4pm on Day 2. If accommodation is not required at the masterclass venue between the two days, please tick here.

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