MIT Industrial Liaison Program

MIT ILP. Where industry meets innovation.

What is it?

HIE have an ongoing strategic relationship with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As part of this relationship, HIE are members of the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP). The ILP is a comprehensive portal to MIT, enabling members to harness MIT resources to address current challenges and to anticipate future needs. The ILP helps members (ranging from private companies to government organisations from around the world) to monitor MIT research developments, identify MIT resources of interest, arrange expert face to face meetings with MIT faculty and advise members on research sponsorship and technology licensing opportunities.

Why are HIE members?

HIE have been members of the MIT ILP since 2005. This has allowed HIE and some of the companies we support to have access to people, departments, projects, technologies, knowledge and events at MIT that they would not otherwise have access to.

How does the service work?

HIE has its own ILP Manager on site at MIT, Marie-Teresa Vander Sande, who manages HIE’s interest at MIT and our access to and relationships with various projects, departments, staff and students.  She understands HIE’s remit and priorities, the needs of the Highlands and Islands region and HIE’s client base and works alongside HIE to extract value from MIT.

HIE’s ILP Manager can:

  • Arrange individual, specialist group or sector-specific visits to MIT
  • Organise private workshops or conferences at MIT
  • Arrange visits by MIT faculty to your region or to be speakers at events or conferences
  • Engage MIT faculty in collaborations with your company
  • Access the knowledge base of MIT research projects and make connections for and introductions to your company

Who can access it?

This service is managed by the HIE Sectors, Innovation & Programmes Team but is available to all HIE staff, account managed clients and HIE Key Sectors teams who may be interested in linking in their projects or company base with some of the cutting edge research and innovation taking place at MIT.  This service may be particularly beneficial for HIE Account Managers who are wishing to explore new thinking, approaches or tools for their account managed clients.

How has the ILP service been used in the past?

HIE have set up numerous knowledge transfer visits to MIT in the past and ILP membership allows HIE staff, sector teams and account managed clients direct access to events on the MIT campus, knowledge, research, international experts, faculty members and students leading to rapid expansion of  their global network. ILP membership also allows HIE to meet and collaborate with other ILP corporate members from around the world.

Through the MIT ILP, HIE has delivered a unique Knowledge Transfer service to HIE staff, account managed businesses and partner organisations.  Events and visit programmes have been developed both in Boston and in Scotland and a two-way flow of people from MIT and the Highlands & Islands has been actively encouraged. 

Some examples of how Highlands and Islands businesses have benefited from the ILP service in the past are:

  • Attended invite-only MIT events and conferences
  • Attended MIT Media Lab Demo Days and Sponsor Weeks
  • Had one to one meetings with world leading experts and MIT faculty
  • Met a new network of contacts within the MIT ecosystem and beyond
  • Gained access to students to collaborate with on research projects
  • Met new industry partners to do business with
  • Gained inspiration, new knowledge and  new ideas in product development and enhancement
  • Accessed expert knowledge in sectoral analysis and trends putting them ahead of competitors
  • Gained fast track entry to new markets
  • Expanded their global network

Further information

You can find out more about the ILP programme at ilp.mit.edu. If you would like to discuss the opportunity for connecting with MIT through HIE’s ILP membership, please contact louise.macdonald@hient.co.uk


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