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Cta Man
Life sciences

Our vision

We will help build a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable economy across the Highlands and Islands, attracting more people to, live, work, study, invest and visit.


Our three-year strategy 2019-2022 sets out our ambition for each and every part of our region. The opportunities are immense. Our vision and priorities aim to harness our region's potential, working closely with our local, regional and national partners. 

We will continue to work to attract new regional investments that bring fresh and exciting opportunities in sectors such as space and energy. Recent research has indicated that there are increasing numbers of young people who want to live and work in the Highlands and Islands and we'll work to support this ambition. Increasing the population across the whole of our region is a primary focus of HIE. We'll support this by focusing on growing businesses, attracting investment and strengthening communities.

We recognise there are different characteristics and challenges in each of our eight areas. We don’t take a one size fits all approach to development, instead we tailor our support to capitalise on the unique opportunities presented across the region to help each community reach its potential.   


Outside HIE's head office, An Lochran on Inverness Campus


Download a full version of our strategy. 

HIE Strategy 2019-2022 (English)

HIE Strategy 2019-2022 (Gaelic)

Operating Plan 2021

We refresh our Operating Plan inline with our strategy annually to ensure our focus and ambition is targeted where it's needed most for the benefit of our region and those who live, work, study, invest and visit. 

Operating Plan 2021


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