Horizon Scotland 

Horizon Scotland is a property owned by HIE and located at the Enterprise Park Forres, it operates as an innovation and incubation centre. 

The building provides business space to innovative businesses, with the incubation element meaning it houses businesses that require dedicated business support to grow, which is provided by HIE and others. 

The building opened in 2003 and was funded by HIE and ERDF.  Its operation is subsidised by HIE on a project basis and the management of the centre has been contracted out to third party organisations.

Horizon Scotland Business and Innovation Centre brochure

Horizon Scotland Meeting and Events brochure

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About the building 

The building has an internal floor area of some 12,000 square feet and has won prestigious architectural awards.  Notable features include the meadow grass covered roof, surrounding pond and unique artwork all which contribute to the creative environment with the aim of inspiring innovation. 

The facilities in Horizon Scotland may be used by a variety of parties including public sector bodies, businesses and third sector organisations.

The number and configuration of Horizon Scotland’s rooms has changed over time, it currently offers:

  • 14 units for tenants to rent
  • A further unit that can either be rented out to a single tenant or subdivided for use by two or more tenants
  • A hatchery room with three desks each available for rent to fledgling tenants
  • Three rooms for hire - Lecture Theatre, Training Room and Meeting Room
  • A social and networking space.


Horizon Scotland provides an environment that fits with HIEs Operating Plan and the strategic objective of growing and supporting businesses and social enterprises, helping to provide modern business infrastructure, which provide the conditions for economic growth. 

Horizon Scotland was originally created to provide a new focus for Moray in the area of research, development and innovation.  This was to be through growing and supporting these types of businesses and social enterprises by:

  • Providing a supportive business environment for new and small businesses
  • Providing business development advice from HIE and others, to enhance the tenants business model
  • Encouraging businesses of growth
  • Contributing to local GVA by stimulating highly paid jobs in the innovation and technology sectors.

With the business development support of HIE and others, the intention is that companies will grow to the point where they would look to exit and grow on from Horizon Scotland.  Further details on Horizon Scotland can be found on the Horizon Scotland website. 

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