Findhorn Bay Arts Festival

Giants in the Forest, Sanqhar Wood, Forres (Ian Macnicol)*

What do they do? / Dè bhitheas iad a’ dèanamh?

Findhorn Bay Arts Festival Limited (FBAF) was formed in January 2012 with the specific purpose of creating a bi-annual arts festival to celebrate Moray’s cultural assets and Findhorn Bay as an area of outstanding beauty, as well as raising awareness of Moray as a thriving cultural hub.

FBAF will help facilitate arts, heritage, community and cultural organisations and businesses around Findhorn Bay, including the coastal villages of Kinloss and Findhorn, the historic market town of Forres and nearby Culbin Bay, to host free, open house style activities designed to encourage participation in a variety of art forms. 

Findhorn Bay Arts will, throughout the year, continue to connect with the arts community through Culture Café networking and produce events and activities that engage with the community and help to develop cultural tourism.

The Journey / An Turas

The beginning – HIE’s involvement | Mar a tha HIE an sàs

Moray’s Economic Strategy recognises that there has been limited investment in product development and facilities that showcase Moray’s history, culture and heritage.  Tourism is a key contributor to Moray’s economy and the HIE Area Team is keen to support efforts to improve the visitor offering.

With the Findhorn, Kinloss and Forres communities determined to develop the potential of tourism and culture and individual members of the creative sector responding to the challenge by embracing change, there is an opportunity to garner the collective strength and experience of the creative sector in Moray, connect with communities and form innovative partnerships and collaborations which will raise awareness of Moray as a thriving cultural hub resulting in an increase in tourism and a richer experience for visitors.

HIE’s contribution / An taic bho HIE

Culture Day will be held on 21st September 2013.  It is an important stepping stone towards the establishment of a bi-annual five-day Findhorn Bay Arts Festival, the first of which is to be held in September 2014.

Over 65 arts and cultural organisations, heritage groups, creative businesses and individual artists are expected to take part and to open doors to cultural and creative assets for over 2,900 families, individuals, locals and visitors to the area.

HIE has contributed to the provision of a full-time project manager who will drive the project forward by liaising with cultural organisations and local businesses, with the aim of developing innovative and lasting partnerships between business and the cultural sector.

Findhorn Bay Arts Festival will mark the 2014 Year of Homecoming by celebrating the roots of one of history’s most famous Scottish Kings; it has been named as one of just 45 Scottish events to receive national funding from Event Scotland for its plans for a modern celebration of both the myth and reality of Macbeth – King of Moray.

FBAF Director, Kresanna Aigner, said “Moray is the most amazing, thriving cultural hub and raising awareness of this, and of our area’s outstanding beauty, is at the core of Findhorn Bay Arts Festival”.

Expected Outcomes / Na Builean

The project has created 1 full time post and will increase volunteering opportunities and both local and visitor participation as well as creating opportunities for other social enterprises.

*”Giants in the Forest” at Sanquhar Wood culminates in a finale performance of ‘Dark Wood’, as part of Findhorn Bay Arts Culture Day.

Contact for further information / Tuilleadh fios bho

Fiona Robb, Tel. 01309 696006

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