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Board meeting minutes

The Board of Highlands and Islands Enterprise normally meets at least six times a year. 

The HIE Board has overall responsibility for ensuring that HIE fulfils its statutory duties and delivers the aims and objectives set out by the Scottish Government in Scotland’s Economic Strategy and the national Programme for Government. The Board approves HIE's operating plan, and ensures that the Scottish Government has thorough arrangements for appraising, monitoring and evaluating a range of performance measures.

The HIE Board has two committees, the Remuneration Committee and the Risk and Assurance Committee (formerly the Audit Committee).

Minutes of the Board are published below.  While HIE seeks to be as open and accountable as possible in recording Board meetings, certain items may need to be redacted on occasion, usually for reasons of commercial sensitivity, or because disclosure could prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs.  

2018 minutes

2017 minutes

2016 minutes

2015 minutes

2014 minutes

2013 minutes

2012 minutes

2011 minutes

If you would like a copy of a Board minute prior to 2011, please email us at communitactions@hient.co.uk

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