Our priorities

Supporting businesses and social enterprises to shape and realise their growth aspirations. 

Businesses and social enterprises in the Highlands and Islands are ambitious, both for their individual enterprise and for the growth of the region as a whole. Greater economic prosperity will be delivered through private sector led investments which create jobs and wealth.

HIE works to foster this ambition through a range of specifically targeted investments and products which can assist development to happen more quickly, increasing scale and impact.

HIE is keen to work with businesses whose development plans will lead to a measurable increase in turnover, particularly in international markets, alongside increased employment, especially for young people. In view of the
current economic climate, we will work with these businesses to build capacity for growth both now and in years to come.

Working with partners providing the Business Gateway service, HIE is an integral part of the continuum of business support, ensuring that the region's businesses and social enterprises can meet or exceed their ambitions.

Key areas of focus under this priority are:



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