Our priorities

Strengthening communities and fragile areas

Strong communities are essential to the continued success of the Highlands and Islands.  Social and economic development are complementary in achieving growth, particularly in remote, sparsely populated areas. 

Supporting communities to build dynamic, creative, sustainable places is integral to our purpose and particularly aligned with the place, equity and low carbon objectives of the Government Economic Strategy.  HIE work to ensure that our activities have social as well as economic impact. 

We act as a catalyst within communities, working with other stakeholders to provide support, resources and expertise to enable even greater achievements from within our communities. 

Our resources are directed into building community resilience, confidence and capability as well as delivering programmes and projects together with communities which deliver tangible and measurable benefits. 

All of HIE's activities and programmes, including business support services, are applied to address the challenges facing fragile communities. 

HIE implement specific interventions in these places to improve connectivity, employment opportunities and population growth, aligning our efforts with those of partners who have direct responsibility for vital services such as transport, housing and infrastructure. 

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