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Senior staff salary disclosure

In the interests of greater transparency in the public sector in Scotland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise discloses salary levels of the senior leadership team. This includes senior managers charged with oversight and effective managerial control of significant areas of policy or service delivery which are important to achieving the organisation's overall objectives; and whose salary is at least £58,200 a year.

The information provided below is correct at November 2017.

Name Title Grade Salary band Comment
Charlotte Wright Chief Executive n/a £105,000 - £109,999 n/a  
Carroll Buxton Director of Regional Development Director £85,000 - £89,999 n/a
Douglas Cowan Director of Strengthening Communities Director £85,000 - £89,999 n/a
Nicholas Kenton Director of Finance and Corporate Services Director £80,000 - £84,999 n/a  
David Oxley Director of Business and Sector Development Director £75,000 - £79,999 n/a
Not disclosed     Area Manager Executive £60,000 - £64,999 1 post holder
Not disclosed Area Manager Executive £65,000 - £69,999 4 post holders
Not disclosed    Area Manager Executive £70,000 - £74,999 2 post holders
Not disclosed Area Manager Executive £75,000 - £79,999 1 post holder


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