Directors and senior management

HIE's leadership team is chaired by Charlotte Wright, Chief Executive, and includes four directors, the Head of Business Improvement and Internal Audit, and the Head of Human Resources. A personal profile of each director, including their individual register of interests, is available below.

The team meets most weeks to discuss and decide on policy matters, strategic issues and key projects. It reviews organisational performance against priorities and budgets, as well as all papers going to HIE Board meetings.

Meeting minutes

Minutes of Leadership Team meetings are available on request from HIE, by contacting

Salary disclosure 
In the interests of greater transparency in the public sector in Scotland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise discloses salary levels of the senior leadership team. more »


HIE's directors

Charlotte Wright

Chief Executive

Charlotte Wright is Chief Executive of Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

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Carroll Buxton

Director of Regional Development

Carroll Buxton is HIE's Regional Development Director and has responsibility for managing a diverse directorate, leading on a range of developments including the Inverness Campus, broadband, property, UHI.

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Douglas Cowan

Director of Strengthening Communities

Douglas Cowan is HIE’s Strengthening Communities Director and has responsibility for addressing challenges of the more remote and rural parts of our region.

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Nick Kenton

Director of Finance and Corporate Services

Nick Kenton is HIE's Director of Finance and Corporate Services.

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David Oxley

Director Business and Sector Development

David Oxley is Director of Business and Sector Development with Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

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