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ScreenHi - BBC Learning Films now on-line

15 May 2012

Earlier this year ScreenHi successfully gained a commission from BBC Learning to make 5 short films covering the topics of Literacy and Citizenship. The films are now available to view on the BBC Learning site.

As well as delivering creative content on these themes, ScreenHi was delighted to be able to secure this kind of invaluable experience for Highlands & Islands practitioners and school and community groups, who worked together to deliver the films. ScreenHi worked with teams in Dingwall, Elgin, Shetland, Stornoway and Uist.

Here are the links to the final films from each area:


The brief from the BBC for each topic was as follows:

Global Citizenship/Olympics

"Global Citizenship is a key component of Curriculum for Excellence and taught in various ways in our schools. As the Olympics will be a huge event next year in the UK, schools will be looking for a means to teach this in their classrooms. Global Citizenship is the perfect vehicle for this as the Olympic values and the Global Citizenship values have much commonality and overlap. Global citizenship is therefore a central theme for learning in CfE as it brings together several key disciplines and develops a wide range of skills.

We are  looking for one 5 min film from a school reflecting different aspects of this topic. Each school (probably P6/7 class) picks a theme to reflect values - it could be project they are doing in school already or something they just want to explore or exemplify."

"Around one quarter of the Scottish population face occasional constraints due to difficulties with literacy. The intention is to provide a platform for those involved to communicate more effectively and develop their literacy skills, enhancing their employability and emotional wellbeing.

We want to make inspiring and insightful films with young adults (from 16 - 35) to tell their stories about the impact of leaving school with poor reading and writing skills. We want to tap into how this affects their communication skills and ability to get what they want and what they need/where they are going in life.Does it affect their communication style or creatively look for solutions in their lives? Many in the prison population cite literacy as a problem area for them. Can we find young people to talk about the potential to find themselves in prison and how they avoided doing so? The films could from their current perspective as young adults or reflecting back on the impact and the path their life took if they're older.

The films will go online as an aid and guide to other young people in a similar position to give inspiration and support."


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