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Manufacturing efficiency brings results for Highlands and Islands businesses

16 June 2011

Thirty manufacturing projects delivered in the Highlands and Islands last year have helped generate £1.9 million in productivity.

The figures are being released by the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) which works across the Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise areas.

Advisors work with businesses of all sizes to provide manufacturing reviews to businesses across a range of sectors, as well expert advice, one-to-one support, training and events.

Of the Highlands and Islands businesses working with SMAS over the past year 50% have been food and drink companies.

Charlotte Wright, director of business and sector development at HIE, said: "Highlands and Islands businesses involved in manufacturing high quality goods are increasingly looking at the opportunities presented through national and international markets. At the same time it's important to look at how they can manufacture these orders more efficiently. Working together HIE, Scottish Development International, Scottish Enterprise and the dedicated team at SMAS can provide a joined up service to ensure we make the most of our opportunities."

"A range of innovative businesses and social enterprises across the region have worked with SMAS to explore new ways of working. Some of these include Orkney Herring, Caithness based Reids Bakery, Connage Dairy near Ardersier, Ness Soaps in Inverness, Moray Seafood and Isle of Mull Soaps."

SMAS is delivered throughout the Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise areas. A Manufacturing Review, which is free to all manufacturing companies in Scotland, involves a diagnostic visit from a SMAS practitioner, with a report following the visit stating the opportunities and actions for the company to improve productivity and competitiveness. Manufacturing companies of all sizes can enquire about a Manufacturing Review by telephoning 0845 609 6611 or visiting

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