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Launch of £1m Television Production Scheme

03 July 2012

Scottish Enterprise and Creative Scotland have today announced a new £1m Television Production Scheme which will provide a significant boost to the broadcast television industry in Scotland.

By providing co-investment, alongside a private sector investor, the new scheme will increase Scottish television producers' ability to secure UK network commissions that can then be sold in international and secondary markets.

This direct support to independent production companies in Scotland will give producers access to finance to make high-quality, high-value programmes with national and international appeal, enabling producers to more effectively exploit their intellectual assets in different territories.

Caroline Parkinson, Director of Creative Development, Creative Scotland welcomed the partnership with Scottish Enterprise and said: 'This scheme will provide Scottish producers with key strategic investment into their television projects, which will allow them to leverage significant co-investment and will lead to an increase of quality programmes from Scotland that will reach a global audience.'

Creative Scotland leads an industry group that sets priorities and ensures a clear and integrated approach to the development of the television sector from broadcasters, independent companies, trade associations, support agencies and government. The Television Production Scheme was a key recommendation of this group and it has been designed in consultation with them.

Creative Scotland will manage the scheme and full details are available on the website

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