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Jobs boost for Bute as HEROtsc expands Rothesay operation

13 January 2011

HEROtsc, Scotland's largest contact centre company, is to expand its Bute operation - creating more than 40 new jobs.

The jobs increase comes from an extension of the contract with the Bute centre's current client Office Depot - and is a major boost to the local economy.

Announcing this welcome start to 2011, HEROtsc Chief Executive Officer David Turner praised the skills and dedication of the company's Rothesay staff whose professionalism on the Office Depot account has convinced the company to expand its role in Bute.

"This is a very significant win - not just for HEROtsc but for the whole community in Bute," said Turner.

"We are very aware of how important HEROtsc is to Bute and how vital are the employment opportunities we bring.

"We fully appreciate just what a blow it was to the island when a former client took some of our jobs elsewhere last year. But I am delighted we have turned things round so well and this win will not only replace these jobs but will actually increase the company's Rothesay headcount to over the 100 mark.

"Highlands and Islands Enterprise are fully aware of the role we play here in the community and our close working partnership helped to make this happen. I would like to thank HIE for their support in winning these jobs.

"Bringing such a significant number of new jobs to a community like this - in these difficult economic times - is a great achievement, and one I hope we can build on.

"Office Depot is an instantly recognisible brand and the fact that we have secured increased business from a leading company like this is a tremendous tribute to our staff.

"We are very proud to be expanding our business and our role in the Bute community. Our current staff have been a credit to the company in the way they have performed so well on the Office Depot account and we look forward to our new recruits carrying on with the same standard of top-quality professionalism."

Douglas Cowan, HIE Area Manager for Argyll and the Islands, said the development organisation was pleased to be assisting HEROtsc's expansion.

HIE plans to invest a total of £366,000 grant assistance in the business over the next three years.

"HIE has worked very closely with this business from its earliest days and it's great to see it continuing to play an important role in providing good local jobs on Bute," said Mr Cowan.

"Modern telecommunications such as broadband mean that rural and island areas in Scotland are ideal sites for contact centres.

"Initiatives such as this also help us to improve diversity in the local economy and expand the range of employment opportunities available to local people."

Jim Mather, Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism and MSP for Argyll and Bute, also welcomed the news, adding: "In all my dealings with HEROtsc, I have sensed their genuine sense of partnership with local communities, so I am delighted to see this latest example of that approach happening on Bute, where these jobs will make a big positive difference."

Telecom Service Centres, as the business was then know, first opened in Bute in the early 1990s with seven employees. It quickly expanded into a major player in the contact centre sector.

Three years ago TSC merged with the giant Hero Group and, as HEROtsc, has continued to expand. Last year it formed a six-year strategic partnership with Vodafone which not only secured employment in Dunoon and Kilmarnock but brought a 600-seat centre in Warrington into the company.

HEROtsc is now the UK's fourth largest contact centre company with over 3,000 employees in eight UK sites and one in Gurgaon India.

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Adrian Chalet 18/10/2011

Very pleased to hear T S C is moving forward, whenever I mention the company to freinds, I always mention that it was a valuable expirience in what at that time for me was an ailien environment. I would be willing to return to Rothesay for a 2nd chance!

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