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HIE to deliver new £6 million Scottish Land Fund in partnership with Big Lottery

20 February 2012

The Scottish Land Fund which will help more rural communities buy their land was launched today by Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson.

The £6 million scheme will empower rural communities by helping them acquire land and make their dreams a reality.

The Minister launched the fund - which will be delivered by Big Lottery Scotland and Highlands and Islands Enterprise - during a visit to Galson Estate which was today celebrating the fifth anniversary of its successful land buyout.

Mr Stevenson said:

"Galson Estate on Lewis, which today marks its fifth anniversary in community ownership, is a fantastic example of what a community buyout can achieve.

"Community land ownership can bring tremendous benefits both to communities themselves and Scotland as a whole. Land ownership is key to building independent, resilient rural communities and creating a sense of confidence and community empowerment.

"That's why the Scottish Government continues to fully support buyouts and is committed to providing opportunities for rural communities to acquire land.

"The Scottish Land Fund, which we are launching today, is designed to give more rural communities the opportunities which communities like Galson have already enjoyed.

"Both Big Lottery Scotland and HIE will ensure the fund makes the best use of existing resources and expertise to maximise the land fund's potential.

"These are exciting times for Scotland and this fund will help more of our rural areas to take control of their own destinies and build the successful, flourishing communities of tomorrow."

Jackie Killeen, Big Lottery Fund Scotland Director, said:

"We look forward to working with Highlands and Islands Enterprise to deliver the Scottish Government's new Scottish Land Fund.

"Between us we have a wealth of experience in helping communities to take more control of their futures through the acquisition and management of land and land assets and we welcome the addition of the Scottish Land Fund to our existing grant programmes. Over the coming months we will work with HIE to develop a fund that will help to bring renewed momentum to community ownership across rural Scotland."

John Watt, Director of Strengthening Communities with Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), said:

"The new Scottish Land Fund will be welcomed in rural communities throughout the country, and Highlands and Islands Enterprise is delighted to be playing a part, along with our colleagues in Big Lottery Fund Scotland.

"There's a definite appetite for this kind of assistance, and HIE looks forward to assisting communities across all of rural Scotland who are interested in making a land purchase.

"With many years' experience in this field, we can offer valuable advice, information and support to help communities prepare their bids, and to design and deliver projects which will make the most of the assets they acquire."

The Scottish Land Fund will make available £6 million over the next three financial years - 2012/13 to 2014/15.

Further details on the scheme will be available in due course but it is expected that the fund will open to applications in summer 2012.


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Seumas MacKinnon 22/02/2012

I have mixed views on this news, on the surface it is good news, but underlying the issue is THE LAND QUESTION. As a 45 year old father of three, who has lived and worked throughout rural Scotland, including the Highlands ,and previously been on the Croft Entry Scheme for something like 15 years but with absolutely no progress of ever getting some land for my family, I feel there are no mechanisms that can help honest interested people in obtaining some croft land or whatever. A lot of the time people from elsewhere BUY themselves into the Scottish countryside, because they can afford to, whilst those of us who are descended from the cleared landscape are struggling on the Scottish Reservations spending our lives trying to save up enough to try and get in the door. We need a more radical reappraisal of the entire LAND ISSUE and how it affects the social/political/economic/environmental and CULTURAL landscape. I could go on but I think you will get the gist of what I am saying. I welcome an Intelligent, honest response and feedback.

Frank Corcoran 11/05/2012

Please let me have full details of Scottish Land Fund when available .

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