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HIE confirms campus transport infrastructure improvements

11 March 2011

HIE has confirmed the details of plans to invest in infrastructure surrounding Inverness Campus.

The measures will improve traffic flow and city centre access for Campus users and those living in surrounding communities.

After talks with local residents and the Highland Council, HIE has developed a series of improvements aimed at reducing queues and upgrading bus, cycle and pedestrian routes to the city centre. The multi-million pound investment programme forms part of both the planning and Section 75 agreements, which is  required as part of the planning consent.

Ruaraidh MacNeil, Inverness Campus Project Director, said: "Since receiving our planning resolution last May we have worked closely with the Highland Council and local community councils to address concerns about traffic and access.

"In order to improve traffic flow we will dual the slip road from the A9 and alter the traffic signals and junctions between Culloden Road and Caulfield Road North at the Inshes Veterinary Practice. We will also contribute towards improvements at Inshes roundabout and the paths and cycle ways that connect it with Inverness city centre.

"The investment will improve pedestrian and cycle access across the area, making the Campus more accessible to the surrounding community and to the rest of the city. A new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the A9 will link with Raigmore Estate, the Centre for Health Science and Raigmore Hospital. And, going the other way, we will improve the existing stone bridge connecting pedestrians and cyclists from the Campus to Inverness Retail and Business Park and beyond.

"Finally, because we expect many Campus users to choose public transport, we will invest in two new bus gates, at Millburn Road, and providing a link from Churchill Road through the Raigmore hospital site. This will significantly reduce bus times between the city centre, Campus and the Hospital by avoiding the Raigmore interchange and Old Perth Road."

Work will begin on Inverness Campus this summer. Phase 1 will include facilities for several partners, including Inverness College UHI, the University of the Highlands and Islands, the Centre for Health Science, the Scottish Agricultural College and the Training Hotel. The first doors are expected to open in 2014.

Ruaraidh MacNeil continued: "Inverness Campus is a facility for the whole community. As well as various opportunities for those in education and work, the Campus will be home to a sports centre and community facilities. It is therefore vital that people living around Beechwood can easily access the site and enjoy its many benefits, and that traffic flow around the site is maintained.

"We also want to make sure those based on the Campus can choose from efficient sustainable transport options to travel into the city centre and beyond."

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Anna Walker 23/05/2011

As a resident of Inverness city centre who does not drive I commute on a daily basis to my place of work at Stoneyfield business park. At present there is no bus stop at Stoneyfield and I therefore either cycle or walk which, due to the lack of infrastructure for non-drivers, is a stressful experience. In particular the lack of a pedestrian/cylist crossing on the main roundabout which must be crossed where traffic filters off the Aberdeen road and turns onto the A9 travelling at speed is very dangerous. I am therefore extremely pleased to hear that HIE has committed to improving infrastructure for non-drivers travelling to Stoneyfield and the retail park from the new campus. Could I also request that the infrastructure is improved for those travelling direct from the city centre to the campus through to the retail park in addition to those travelling from Raigmore if this has not already been included in your plans.

Kerrie Maclean 25/05/2011

I welcome the news of improvements to cyclists and pedestrian transport routes as part of this development. I agree with the comment above that cycle and pedestrian access to Stoneyfield and the Inverness Retail/business Park is inadequate. The current shared cycle/pedestrian path runs beside the road - and with increasing usage by pedestrians there is often insufficient room for cyclists to safely use the path. In addition both cyclists and pedestrians are exposed to traffic fumes. The lack of a link path from Stoneyfield to the Business Park is unacceptable - the missing link is immediately obvious when you follow the cycle path into Stoneyfield to find it abruptly finishes at the base of a small rise beside the Press and Journal office! I would suggest the consultations be widened to include workers at Stoneyfield and the Business Park - the NHS alone has significant numbers of staff working here and better cycle/pedestrian links - by improving the attractiveness of the trip (away from cars) to Centre for HS/Raigmore would reduce need for numerous car journeys. In addition an easier route to Stoneyfield for office/shop workers in the Business/Retail Park would see more staff enjoying a lunchtime walk - at present the car park surrounds of the Retail Park hold little attraction. I welcome these moves and just regret such planning was not incorporated in the original developments of the Business/ Retail and Stoneyfield areas.

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