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Community views invited into reopening of Thurso cinema

12 June 2012

Opportunities for reopening a cinema in Thurso are to be discussed at a public meeting in the town this week.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is hosting a meeting with the prospective new operator, Rob Arthur of The Thurso Cinema Limited, who will explain his thoughts on bringing the cinema back into operation and seek comments and views from the community.

The meeting is being held at the Pentland Hotel, Thurso on Friday 15 June at 7pm, and all interested members of the community are invited to attend.

The All Star Factory opened in October 2001 in a £1.5 million development which included two 152 and 88-seater cinemas, a six-lane bowling alley and bar, restaurant, a games hall and offices. The premises closed at the end of September 2009, leaving Inverness as the closest mainland cinema, 110 miles away.

The building is currently owned by Gunn Developments Ltd, which is willing to assist with the redevelopment and keen to see the venue re-open.

Roy Kirk, Area Manager from HIE, said: "The All Star Factory was an extremely important part of the community of Caithness and Sutherland, and it has left a real gap since its closure.

"The Thurso Cinema Limited is keen to understand the hopes and aspirations of the community for a thriving local cinema. HIE is facilitating this public meeting to enable the community to hear the current suggestions and feed in their views.

"We strongly encourage anyone with an interest in the future of the cinema to come along and take part."

HIE commissioned a feasibility study by Regional Screen Scotland which was completed in 2011 and made available to all parties interested in redeveloping the cinema.

Views and comments are also welcome through the new website set up by The Thurso Cinema Ltd at

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Robert Bell 13/06/2012

I think it would be fantastic to have our cinema back in caithness as our closet cinema is in inverness, It was a very busy cinema 3months prior to closing down due to their weekly promotions

Tracy Chisholm 13/06/2012

I fully support the re-opening of the cinema. I think it would be a fantastic asset to the county.

Dylan Cameron 16/06/2012

My family and I will fully support the re-opening of the counties cinema, it was a great asset to the communit. And now hopefully it will be again!!!

Stephen Fraser 16/06/2012

I too fully support the re-opening of Thurso Cinema. It'll be fantastic to have the chance to see new films regularly, instead of painstakingly planning (exensive) trips to inverness just to see a select few films.

Lysette Butler 18/06/2012

We were unable to attend the meeeting on 15th due to being out of the county. We very much support the reopening of the cinema as it closed only four months after we moved up from the south of england. We miss not being able to go to the cinema to see films when they are first released. We only go to Inverness for speific reasons and do not usually have time to see the latest films and have to wait for them to come out on DVD, which we find unsatisfactory. Our only reservation is that the previous cinema was charging high priceds for both seats and confectionary and we would want any new cinema to be cheaper to encourage us and others to atend the cinema on a very regular basis otherwise it becomes a very expensive night out, which like others we could not then afford to do more than occasionally as a treat.

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