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Businesses asked for their views in latest HIE survey

29 September 2016

Businesses are being encouraged to take part in the latest survey carried out by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) which has gone live today (Thursday September 29).

The survey is available to businesses and social enterprises signed up to be on HIE’s business panel and will be open throughout October.

Undertaken by Ipsos MORI, the business panel surveys help HIE obtain up to date information on the economic health of the region.

This particular survey will track business performance and growth aspirations. It will also explore the importance of the EU single market and the free movement of people across the EU to businesses, as well as the potential workforce impacts of Brexit.

Carroll Buxton, Director of Regional Development at HIE, said: “We would like to encourage participation of panel members and for more businesses and social enterprises to join the panel.”

The information gathered through our business panel surveys helps us understand what’s happening across the economy of the Highlands and Islands by providing detailed insights into the challenges and opportunities that are currently being presented.

“The information given to us can help inform and shape the provision of support services in the future and ensure that public resource is continuously being targeted in the areas that will make the greatest difference in supporting the region’s economic growth.

Research findings will be used to inform planning, prioritisation and decision-making within HIE. It will also inform discussions with the Scottish Government and other public sector partners, ensuring that the views of businesses in the Highlands and Islands are represented at regional and national levels.

Panel members will be invited to take part in regular surveys covering topics such as business confidence, access to finance and productivity.

Surveys are short and focused meaning that information will be gathered rapidly and findings reported timeously.

Anyone interested in joining the panel and taking in the latest survey as well as future quarterly surveys can sign-up at

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