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£146 million investment in fibre broadband heralds a new age of communications across Highlands and Islands

26 March 2013

Once-in-a-generation partnership project will revolutionise communications across the North of Scotland

A £146 million investment project to deliver high speed fibre broadband across the Highlands and Islands is being announced today (26 March).

The project, led by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and delivered by BT, is being hailed as the UK’s most complex and challenging broadband project ever.

It means that around 84 per cent of Highlands and Islands homes and businesses will have access to fibre broadband by the end of the project.

Announced by Alex Paterson, HIE Chief Executive, at a contract signing with BT in Inverness the project is set to create a fibre network which will transform the area’s digital capabilities for decades to come.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Our decision to invest over £126 million in this project demonstrates the confidence that we have in the economic future of the Highlands and Islands.  

“Today's announcement signals the start of one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects in Scotland's history.  It will connect communities across some of the most challenging landscapes in Europe and provides a platform for future economic development and regeneration.

"Next generation broadband enables businesses to compete on the international stage.  It has the potential to transform the way in which we educate our children, provide health and social care and deliver our public services

“We congratulate Highlands and Islands Enterprise, BDUK and BT on the work that they have done to agree this contract and The Scottish Government will continue to work in partnership with them and local authorities across the region, to deliver real benefits to local people and businesses.”

The geography and disparate population of the Highlands and Islands present significant technological and cost challenges for the commercial rollout of broadband. Estimates have indicated that without public sector support fewer than one in four properties would have fibre broadband via commercial rollout.

Alex Paterson, Chief Executive of HIE, said: “This ambitious project is a game changer for the Highlands and Islands. It will roll out modern, fast and reliable broadband to areas that could not have hoped to have it introduced commercially.

“Digital connectivity is essential to today’s social and business activity. High-speed fibre broadband in the Highlands and Islands will make a real contribution to our communities’ prosperity, particularly for people in remote and rural areas.

“It offers opportunities for new ways of working, innovation, enhanced public services, access to international markets and provides the infrastructure needed by business sectors like energy, life sciences, tourism and  business services.”

The public sector investment towards the contract is £126.4m. It is being delivered through the Scottish Government broadband fund, which incorporates funding from Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), and also includes up to £12m from HIE’s own budget.

BT is investing an additional £19.4 million in the project, on top of its investment in its wider commercial roll-out for the region, taking the total project value to around £146 million.

BDUK is responsible for increasing access to broadband on behalf of the UK Coalition Government.

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said: "The geography of the Highlands and Islands makes this project one of the most challenging in our nationwide roll out of broadband, and I'm delighted that today's announcement means that faster speeds and better access are now one step closer to becoming a reality for these communities. We do more business online than any other European country and this will be a tremendous boost for the local Highland and Islands economies."

The project is by far the most ambitious and challenging rural broadband rollout BT has undertaken anywhere in the UK. The company will build a fibre backbone with more than 800km of new fibre on land and install hundreds more kilometres of fibre access cable to hundreds of new street cabinets.

Engineers will also lay around 400km of subsea cables over 19 crossings to remote islands. It’s the biggest sub-sea engineering project BT has undertaken in the UK and is the first ever with so many seabed crossings.

Bill Murphy, BT Group’s Managing Director of Next Generation Broadband, said: “This is a once in a generation project which will deliver massive benefits not only to the local economy but also to local people of all ages. High-speed fibre broadband will improve the quality of public services, strengthen the competitiveness of the region’s businesses and protect and develop jobs.

“There are incredible obstacles to overcome, not least building a fibre network across some of the most rugged terrain in the UK. And we have huge distances to cover as we lay our cables over the hills and glens and under the sea. The unprecedented scale of this project is such that it can only be done in partnership and all of us in BT are looking forward to continuing the great working relationship that we’ve built up over many years with Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

“BT’s network will be open to all communications providers on an equal wholesale basis creating a competitive market where people aren’t stuck with one broadband provider and can choose the package and price that suits them.”

Deployment details for the first phase of this partnership will now be finalised and detailed plans for each local authority area will be announced in due course. Coverage levels in all seven local authority areas within the project area will represent a significant step change for fibre broadband in the Highlands and Islands.

BT expects to deploy widespread Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), which offers broadband speeds of up to 80Mbps and some Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). Ethernet, which can offer major cost and speed benefits for medium-sized businesses, will also become much more widely available as a result of the fibre build.

During the life of the project, BT and HIE will also be assessing new and emerging technology options through a £2.5 million Innovation Fund, with a view to extending faster broadband to the most remote places in the Highlands and Islands.


The map on the left below shows the existing fibre network across the Highlands and Islands.  The map on the right shows the additional networks that will be created as a result of this project.

Click the image below to download a larger version.


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Paul Sammons 26/03/2013

84% coverage leaves 16% behind. My post code is HS2 9AH - I receive a highly inadequate but costly service via the Connected Communities wireless project, as my local exchange, Carloway, is not broadband enabled. What can I do to move Carloway close to the top of the queue for improvement? Would any community petition or the like help our case? How can I remain informed as to the planned and actual progress against that plan for my area? How will I know if I am one of the 16%?

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 26/03/2013

Hi Paul, we will be able to post a map shortly which will show the shape of the network – but not the exact detail yet of who will get it and when. BT has to do detailed survey work now and we will keep you updated as we can on where the rollout is going next.

Mike Dunthorne 26/03/2013

"It means that around 84 per cent of Highlands and Islands homes and businesses will have access to fibre broadband by the end of the project". How long will it take to implement the entire project?

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 26/03/2013

Hi Mike, this is the first phase of the project and it will last 3 years delivering 84%.

chris 26/03/2013

Its just the same as everywhere else, BT are keeping everyone on their phone lines via cabinets, a bottleneck run by a monopoly with ISPs fighting for scraps and many left without a connection capable of running today's applications. This is very shortsighted. The fibre being laid should be made open access if it has been publicly funded and altnets can serve the areas the telcos don't find economic to work in, to give everyone access to digital services. Just helping out the urban areas where cabinets are is not the answer.

gerry mcgregor 26/03/2013

Will the concentration be on town & villages or will outlying houses be included?

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 26/03/2013

Hi Gerry, details for the rollout will now be finalised and HIE and BT will provide plans for each local authority area in due course. We can’t promise everyone will get NGB by 2016, but the majority of people in every local authority area in the Highlands and Islands will be able to access the network.

Gary 26/03/2013

The map showing the existing fibre network appears to go right by my front door here in Golspie on the A9, yet we can't connect to it. No ISP offers fibre broadband here, in fact we only have a few ISPs offering any broadband and they are all limited to 6-7Mb. Granted, we have a reasonable connection compared to a lot of the Northern Highlands, but to see the fibre in the vicinity without being able to connect to it is a bit frustrating.

Ron Boothroyd 26/03/2013

Pleased to hear the announcement. Can you confirm that Lairg is one of the locations on the map and if so what provision will be made to improve speed in more remote areas served as we are, in Rosehall, by an Exchange Activate exchange, with stone age speeds of 512kbs on a good day.

Deirdre Henderson 26/03/2013

I am guessing that like the lack of other updated infrastructure my area on the Mull of Kintyre will be part of that 16% again. Poor broadband, poor roads, no mobile, no TV signal, no Radio Scotland, old electrical pylons that fall down with snow - what do I pay my tax for? To subsidise mega speed broadband and other infrastructiure in urban areas?

Ian 26/03/2013

I live in the countryside on Blackisle at the moment a number of miles from the nearest exchange. My broadband speed is typically 0.22Mb/s download speed and 0.44Mb/s upload speed. As you can appreciate this is an extremely slow speed and prohibits the use of many applications such as the BBc I player. I note from your earlier comments that BT have to conduct a detailed survey but i would appreciate if you could confirm the criteria for selecting the specific areas. For example will this be based purely on the areas with the poorest speeds or number of households who are to receive the improved service.

stuart Hrvey 27/03/2013

I live in a village 2 miles from the inverness airport I think I will miss out my post code iv27qe

Geoff Johnson 29/03/2013

This all seems very encouraging, at least for the lucky 84%. You say that this is a three year project and that detailed planning is underway. Given the extent of the engineering task involved you will need to have that planning exercise completed pretty quickly! Could I ask: a) when the details of coverage and project timings will be completed? b) if these details will be published on the 'Net and if so where?

Phillip 07/04/2013

When will you be putting the Rollout plan on the website? Willit be Council Area or by geographical area ? When are we going to get the detailed plan?. A lot of the planning and surveying must have been done if the budget has already been agreed. You would not just pick 146 million out of thin air ?

Neil 10/04/2013

I'm also hoping Ardersier exchange is incuded in the rollout plan seeing as it serves Inverness Airport, Dalcross Industrial estate and Inverness Airport business park.

Stuart Harvey 06/07/2013

Hi to all in ardersier I head if you line come right from exchange you not got hope in hell that what I got told with Bt.

Andrew 12/04/2013

Will ANY of the Western Isles exchanges currently without ADSL be considered for fibre broadband or will we continue to be stuck with Connected Communities? If it has already been determined that these exchanges will not be upgraded and that we will be part of the unlucky 16% it would only be fair to say so now, as a lot of people are currently getting their hopes up, please don't string us along.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 12/04/2013

Hi Andrew, Many areas of the Highlands and Islands, including the Western Isles could not have hoped to see fibre based superfast broadband through commercial rollout. This public investment contract is to deliver the fibre network to every local authority area, including the Western Isles. BT is currently undertaking survey work and so we can't say just now exactly where coverage will be deployed. The good news is that the project will increase coverage significantly across the region, and for those that don't receive next generation broadband we will be investigating alternative solutions to provide faster speeds and a more reliable service.

Andrew 15/04/2013

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that we could not hope to see fibre through commercial rollout. That is why people are wondering if there is any chance they will see some benefit from this investment project. I was not asking exactly where coverage will be deployed; merely whether ANY of the 21 non-ADSL exchange areas are being considered or not. If yes, I am not expecting to be told at this stage which one or ones, we will have to wait and see. But if no, it would be fairer to say so now. Much as we may wish our better-connected neighbours well, it is not really "good news" for the rest of us that coverage is going to increase across the region if our own homes and businesses don't benefit. Forgive my scepticism about "investigating alternative solutions" but we were promised great things over 10 years ago now from the Connected Communities project and we belatedly ended up with a service which we find substandard in every way and never a hint of an apology.

Gail Tunnah 10/07/2013

The other worrying aspect over this is that once fibre is available on the islands (don't know where yet so added uncertainty for businesses), the Connected Communities broadband is set to switched off reportedly. Where will this leave businesses and home workers who rely on an internet connection?

Gary Sutherland 17/04/2013

Your latest diagram appears to suggest that a new fibre link will run between the nodes of Ullapool and Durness, via Scourie, but it doesn't give any indication of whether there will be a spur off of this to the Kinlochbervie telephone exchange. When can we expect to be given more detailed information about the exchanges to be upgraded and a schedule of when this work will take place?

Ron 03/05/2013

Now over a month since the announcement and STILL no additional information on the proposed roll out. Can someone please update this site with some constructive information, as there are many isolated communities out there who need to be kept fully informed of progress.

Andrew 07/05/2013

The new fibre route looks as if it come onto Mull very close to where we are, but the route then heads for Tobermory. I wonder if the whole island will be able to use this or just those in Tobermory?

internet junkie 15/05/2013

The community where I live has just recently opted for alternative methods, i.e wireless relays on top of the hills, connected to an exchange, if you have line of sight you can connect. But not everyone can see these relays if they live in densely wooded areas (Cairngorms National Park). So my hopes lie with fibre optic. I refuse to pay the extortionate prices that Tooway ask for. I hope that because the community I live in has already implemented their own service, we wont be forgotten about.

Allan Henderson 15/05/2013

A community group are looking at an innovative way to bring Broadband to Glenfinnan, both sides of Locheil and up to Achnacarry, in the short term, as it is unlikely that the Ardgour side of Locheil and Achnacarry will get fibre optic main cable and be too far from the chamber/cabinets. Is there any possibility of success if they bid into the innovation fund? Regards Allan.H.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 16/05/2013

Hi Allan, the Community Broadband Scotland seed fund is the best potential source of funds for community broadband projects. The Glenfinnan group should contact CBS on freephone 0800 917 3688 and there are further details on their website: The innovation fund is part of the BT and HIE contract. It isn't open to applications. Its purpose is to find new ways of providing commercial broadband solutions (fixed or wireless) so that we can push coverage of faster broadband beyond 84%. Hope that helps.

Gary Sutherland 23/06/2013

Despite several months having passed since the announcement of this initiative there remains a huge amount of uncertainty with regards to the details of which communities and exchanges will benefit from it. When can those of us living in remote rural communities expect to hear some news ?

Mary 13/06/2013

Why is the existing fibre that runs down the west coast of Scotland not shown on the existing fibre routes map?

James 04/07/2013

Can you say at this stage if the smaller excanges surrounding the larger cities/towns will be upgraded as part of the programme? Specifically, I live in an area that is on the outskirts of three exchange coverage areas (Ardersier, Croy and Culloden - to the East of Inverness) and at the moment get anything from 0.01 - 0.4mb connection speeds from the Ardersier exchange (I feel I should be on the Croy exchange as it's at least a mile closer to my house than the Ardersier one!!!), I see by looking at the BT Openreach "where and when" page that none of these exchanges are being considered at the moment, same goes for the exchanges surrounding the other big cities/towns in the area.... will these "Just out of range" of good connection places be left out in order to get better connections to the more remote areas or can we all look forward to getting some sort of minor improvenment? For the record, I'd be happy with a 1 or 2mb connection let alone something over 10mb!!!!

Andrew 06/07/2013

I see from the map that the new fibre network will come across from the mainland to Mull. The indicated route passes within a few miles of Lochdon & Craignure but at the moment, at least, BT OpenReach have no plans to enable the Craignure Exchange. As pointed out by several commentators there is little or no information regarding a time line. It sounds as if we will be one of the small percentage who never receives 'next generation' broadband. Certainly an upload speed of 200-400k is never going to improve my internet business. HIE - will this always be the case?

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 08/07/2013

Hi Andrew Fibre-based broadband is expected to reach 84% of the region's premises by the end of 2016 and we will be looking for ways to ensure that coverage is increased by the end of 2017.

Andrew 10/07/2013

So that's 16% of Argyll? or 'The Islands & Highlands'? NOT connected by the end of 2016 (over three years away!) and another twelve months for 'increased' coverage, but no indication of total coverage or anything specific. Thanks for your comments 'Cheryl', I had not checked Tobermory (the largest town on Mull). If the exchange there is in the same position as Craignure, then the map appears to indicate Mull simply as a stepping stone for connections elsewhere! I wonder what Tiree has that we don't?

Cheryl De'Ath 08/07/2013

Your map shows Tobermory as one of the areas but your exchange list says not under consideration. So what is happening for isle of mull?

Danny 10/07/2013

Can you see any list of planned exchanges?

Andrew 11/07/2013

Danny Have a look here for the latest [] regards, Andrew

Roy Brown 16/07/2013

It is now almost four months since this much delayed announcement and yet still no roll out details. As the recent National Audit Office report stated the UK is years behind on superfast broadband. In Carrbridge we were looking at the feasibility of our own scheme but until we know what BT plans are we are sitting on our hands. For the last two years we have been told that details would be 'soon'. Also we do not know what technology will be used (hopefully FTTP but expect FTTC at best to keep us tied to having a land line). The situation is unacceptable. Every politicians connection should be limited to 2Mb until everyone at least has a date for upgrade.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 02/08/2013

Thanks for your posts looking for additional detail. We will provide as much information as we can as the project moves forward. There are a series of stages involved in the delivery. These include survey and planning; laying of the fibre cable network around the region, including the subsea cables; upgrading of exchanges; and rollout from exchanges to street cabinets. This work is under way. HIE's map gives you a broad idea of the shape of the fibre network but doesn't give detail yet on exactly where services will be available. Specific exchange information isn’t yet, but will be, available through the Openreach checker (link in our FAQs). The categories listed there include 'not currently in rollout plans', 'under evaluation', 'future exchanges', 'coming soon' and 'accepting orders'. We hope the “coming soon” information on the first of our project's exchanges will be published in early October 13 with quarterly updates thereafter for the life of the programme. Our first fibre services should be 'accepting orders' by the Spring of 2014. Additional information will also be published to reflect those exchanges that we will be proactively working on during 2014, termed Future Exchanges.

Zack 04/09/2013

The Macdhui exchange in inverness says its accepting orders. I am on cabinet 19, but when I enter my phone number on BT website, it says that BT infinity isn't currently available. My post code is IV1 so I live quite close to the exchange. Do you know when cabinet 19 will be upgraded.

Gary Sutherland 26/09/2013

Having checked a number of exchanges via the Openreach checker recommended I can't find any on the west coast section that are under consideration. Is this information accurate and/or up to date ? It really is poor that HIE are not doing more to ensure that relevant information is released to communities. The uncertainly is preventing groups progressing with plans for alternative solutions.

Simon Jeffreys 09/09/2013

Sounds great but my experience with BT and BDUK projects here in rural Kent in the south of england does not give me any cause for optimism about what is going to happen in west sutherland! I reckon i'll still be stuck with very slow satellite broadband for ages.

Simon Jeffreys 09/09/2013

Sounds great but my experience with BT and BDUK projects here in rural Kent in the south of england does not give me any cause for optimism about what is going to happen in west sutherland! I reckon i'll still be stuck with very slow satellite broadband for ages.

Steven Wood 19/09/2013

I used to get nearly 6 Mbps before the recent BT fibre work in Inverness , since then I've been lucky to get 1.8 Mbps. Around the same time my LLU ISP started offering "free" upgrades to huawei hg533 router - hasn't improved anything. Please clarify the situation. According to this 2011 article, fibre broadband is meant to ensure each area a MINIMUM of 2mbps.

Graeme Mackay 21/09/2013

First customer connected to the Dingwall exchange, rocking a 72Mbps connection in Maryburgh rather than at best 3Mbps previously. Maryburgh and Conon Bridge are now live (although the official site says not until December). Parts of Dingwall are due to go live shortly, with the full rollout in the town due to complete end of January 2014.

Miss Mackenzie 27/08/2014

I live in conon bridge and I have been keeping an keen eye for fiber optic and it's currently 27/08/2014 BT continues to tell us that fiber is still not available and the Dingwall exchange is "Under Review" So how is the above comment possible? If someone can enlighten me that would be fabulous. Thank you in advance.

Shane 26/09/2013

It is my understanding that Ardersier is not part of the roll out. Could I ask why? 06/10/2013

Any news when fibre will be available in Inverness? I have a green cabinet in my street and the exchange is 'accepting orders' but when I do a postcode and line checker it says not available yet. It estimated October '13, now it says December.

Andrew Shearer 15/10/2013

All well and good the magic of fibre optic throughout the Highlands, I live in Portmahomack and through discussion's with BT they have no plans to upgrade the local exchange in the next FIVE years. So exactly where is all this money going? Seems not to the rural community, as was lauded by the Scottish Government and the Highland Council.

Allan 06/11/2013

I wonder if portmahomack will get fiber optic we have really slow internet with BT at the moment again

Marion Morrison 08/09/2014

I am in an area where the telephone exchange has not been upgraded to allow access to other broadband providers although the new fibre optic cable goes past our house. Does the money invested in this project include the upgrading of all BT exchanges and if so what is the timescale for this.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 09/09/2014

Thanks for getting in touch Marion. We’ve a section on our website about the roll-out, with lots of detail on why the project was developed, how and where it’s rolling out and the technology being used. It’s a three year project, running till the end of 2016. While it won’t reach everyone, it will reach the majority of premises in every local authority area. You can check your own current situation on BT Openreach’s checker, and also we have a map of areas to be covered, a list of places where services are available now for the public to order from their providers and details of where work has started to and is coming over the next six months. Check out or paste this link into your browser for the list...

mr john strang 19/12/2014

there is fiber broadband all over nairn but i think ou box is the only one still not got it and everytime we ask bt they say it should bee up and running soon but that was 2 years ago can u tell me anything more iv125rr

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 24/12/2014

Hi John, we are working in Nairn to bring services to as many people as we can who can't get commercial services. The publicly funded roll-out is happening in phases. The survey and modelling work which takes place prior to installation is designed to maximise the number of people we reach - and your cabinet is still within this process. It may just take a little time, and we would advise you to keep an eye on the interactive map into 2015 as work continues.

Paul 06/04/2016

And here we are 16 months later and cabinet 13 is still not live (although OpenReach claim it will be in 3-4 months ... but I understand they've been saying that for over a year now).

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 07/04/2016

Hi Paul, cabinet 13 has taken a bit longer - but it is now in build. Barring any problems the time frame sounds right - keep an eye on the checker.

Alexander Cameron 03/01/2015

I get so fed up hearing about superfast broadband. I can look out my living room window and see Inverness telephone exchange yet I cannot get an acceptable broadband speed. Forget streaming this and that everything buffers and I feel that I could travel to Hollywood and back, pick up the latest Blockbuster and my download would still buffering. It is simply not good enough.

Peter Pinnington 05/01/2015

Which companies are providing the installation of this Network and was it done by tender.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 30/01/2015

Hi Peter, HIE in partnership with the UK Government Broadband Delivery Group (BDUK) and the Scottish Government tendered, under the OJEU Competitive Dialogue process, for a suitably experienced supplier to co-invest in the provision of Next Generation Broadband (NGB) services in 2012. BT was awarded the contract which was signed in March 2013.

Lysette Butler 18/01/2015

Looking at the maps supplied it looks like the most North Easterly corner of caithness is not to be connected to super fast broadband at any time soon. Is it possible to let us know when our postcode, KW1 4YD, is likely to get super fast broadband.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 30/01/2015

Hi Lysette Yes, there are some locations in Caithness which are challenging to reach. The John O’Groats area is one of them, reaching the individual small communities which are quite widely spread is not easy. We understand local desire here and elsewhere to see better broadband. HIE continues to work with the Digital Scotland partnership to investigate how we can extend coverage of the project – particularly if further funding becomes available, but this might also be through developing technology and looking at innovative ways to bring services. An Innovation Fund does form part of the project to look at solutions when the fibre backbone has been deployed. It will all take time.

John Anderson 09/02/2015

I think that the fibre optic cable has now been laid through Connel on its way to Oban, but there is a lot of local concern that, if a cabinet is not in the immediate plan for Connel, local residents and businesses may not see any benefit. As a member of the Connel Community Council I would appreciate it if you would please update me so that I can provide accurate information to those who live or work in Connel. Thank you.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 10/02/2015

Work to bring Next Generation Broadband to the Connel Exchange Area is expected to start in the next few months, with the first premises expected to receive a superfast service by the summer

Jenny Brady 10/09/2015

Are there any updates to the expected availability of fibre broadband in Connel?

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 10/09/2015

Hi Jenny, thanks for your interest in the project. Work is progressing in Argyll and Bute and we are still expecting the first premises in Connel to be live for fibre based broadband before the end of 2015.

John Campbell 12/02/2016

So that didn't happen then. Mid September '15 and you say you are expecting the first connection before the end of '15. Now mid Feb '16 - no connections made and not even a confirmed date as yet. Why fob people off? Why not just say you haven't got a clue when any connections will be made? Remember the SNP government proudly stated in Oct '14 that 'Connel is next to get fibre broadband'. 18 months later - nothing, not even a confirmed date. BT seem to have taken you for a ride - contract to put the fibre cables in but not actually connect anyone up. Like paying a plumber to put pipes in your house but not actually connect it to the water supply.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 15/02/2016

Sorry John, we know it's frustrating. It doesn't happen very often but we have had some significant problems getting the fibre spine to you in Connel - not least in getting it over the Connel Bridge. This has now been resolved and we are doing our best to get the new services to you as quickly as we can.

George Saunders 19/02/2015

I have a speed of less than 5.Many parts of Tain were upgraded,but our address was ommited.I find this very frustrating,as my broadband is very slow. When will the rest of Tain be upgraded.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 19/02/2015

Hi George, mostly the roll-out happens according to how you are connected for your telecoms. The first cabinet has gone live in Tain - reaching more than 400 premises. Work is continuing and more will follow soon, and there are also plans to build new cabinets later in the year for some people currently connected directly to the exchange. Keep an eye on the interactive map for progress

Lynn O'Connor 25/02/2015

The map showing that fibre broadband extends up the length of the A9 is particularly galling when I had BT engineers around my village in March last year saying that it would be available within 6 months. I called in February 2015 to find out progress as the BT map has been showing "coming soon" for some time only to be advised that there is no prospect of Lower Pitkerrie coming onto fibre broadband in the foreseeable future. This is not want I want to hear as a remote worker!

James 22/04/2015

Hello Is there any information regarding the upgrade to fibre in Ullapool? The entire village is exchange only, with only 1 cabinet serving Braes of ullapool. Ullapool exchange has had fibre a good while now as it passes through here then goes across the minch to Stornoway. Quite frustrating as people in Ullapool have put up with months and months of road digging, traffic issues and poor internet speeds and that's to take fibre to Stornoway. No mention of Ullapool! Thanks

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 23/04/2015

Hi James, because there wasn't any fibre in your area before our first job has been to build a core fibre network up the west coast - a fibre highway if you like. It provides us with the backhaul or capacity we need to then build local networks in towns and villages. Increasingly now, most of the places we are working in don't have existing cabinets. As part of creating the local network we are having to build these to provide the services. You can use the phone/postcode checker on our website to see progress and timescales (after putting your number in click on the coloured exchange area) It indicates that roll-out is scheduled to start in the Ullapool area in the first half of 2016.

James 23/04/2015

Thank you

david 22/04/2016

I live in conon bridge cabinet no 8 on dingwall exchange.dingwall has been live for a while now is there any word when cabinet 8 will go live

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 25/04/2016

Hi David, thanks for getting in touch. This one isn't part of the Digital Scotland programme - it's being delivered commercially through BT.

Mr McIntosh 01/01/2017

Hi. Can you tell me when Moss Park in North Connel will be connected please? There has been boxes installed at the end of our road but no information regarding a connection date. Postcode is PA37 1TD. Thank you.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 02/01/2017

hi, there is a Connel cab which is almost ready, and is expected this month. I'll check what the situation is and come back to you.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise 06/01/2017

Hiya, I've spoken to BT Openreach and it may not be January, but they expect it will be taking orders this quarter.

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