Workplace Innovation Inverness

31 August 2017

The evidence has been there for a long time. Empowering people and teams to exercise discretion and choice in their own work, to contribute to innovation and improvement, and to be involved in decision-making improves business performance as well as employee health and well-being. Yet only a minority of Scottish companies are making full use of these working practices that enable employees at all levels to use and develop their full range of knowledge, skills, experience and creativity. 

During this interactive workshop you will have an opportunity to discover some of the best examples of workplace practices and company culture in Europe, and to identify practical approaches to achieving sustainable improvements in performance. You will also discover Fresh Thinking Labs (, the international open source movement for workplace innovation, combining state of the art Online interaction with In Person opportunities for knowledge sharing.

Fresh Thinking Labs is for everyone looking for ideas and practical support, building one-to-one and group relationships. It facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between members with common interests and challenges.

Places are limited so please book your place early: Register now

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